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Locast Is Now Available On Vizio SmartCast TVs


Locast on Vizio

Locast is now available on Vizio SmartCast TVs. The update to the service’s device support list results in an additional option for consumers to stream their local live TV channels over the internet. However, the availability of the app will only be beneficial to Vizio TV owners if they also happen to live in a supported Locast location.

Like many streaming services, Locast is still in the process of building out its list of compatible devices. While the service is already available on a variety of streaming players, including those powered by Android TV, Fire TV and Roku, the ability to download directly on smart TVs made by many popular TV brands has been notably missing.

That’s now changed to some degree after the company announced that Locast is available on Vizio TVs. Vizio SmartCast TV users will find the app is accessible directly through the Apps section of the SmartCast Home screen. To access the Home screen, either press the “V” or “Home” button on the remote, or select “SmartCast” via the input button.

Once opened, the Vizio smart TV user will need to activate the Locast app before they can start using the service. At present, this cannot be done directly on the TV, so users will need to visit the Locast website on a different device while connected to the same Wi-Fi network and link the Vizio TV app to their account.

Locast launched back in 2018, albeit only in New York City. As time has gone on, the service has continually expanded to new locations and is now available in a number of cities throughout the U.S. Still, the list is far from complete with more places missing support than having it. Unless a consumer is located in one of these supported locations, it won’t matter whether their smart TVs and streaming players are compatible.

In addition, Locast does adopt a strange approach to its free service. Technically, Locast is free to use, but for those that want an interruption-free experience, they will need to set up a donation plan starting at $5 per month. Otherwise, they should expect to receive regular on-screen notifications requesting a donation while watching local live TV.

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2 responses to “Locast Is Now Available On Vizio SmartCast TVs”

  1. how do i change the cities on my visio tv it is on columbus i need cleveland

  2. Nope. All these articles have been written straight off the Locast press release. However, the app does not appear anywhere in the Vizio SmartCast App Store, and there is no feature to download apps.

    With its press release Locast caused Vizio SmartCast owners to waste lots of time. But, hey, tech media got to write about something they hadn’t verified first. It’s a wild goose chase folks. Just use your streaming device.

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