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Locast’s Free Local Live TV Lands In Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Locast Milwaukee

Locast is now available to residents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The service offers access to local live TV channels over the internet for free and is constantly becoming available in new locations within the US. While free to use, there are some things to be aware of before downloading Locast, including how the free element works.

Since launching in 2018, Locast has been on a mission to offer a way to access local live TV channels over the internet. However, the rollout has been a slow one with the service still only available in select cities. The last place to gain support was Pittsburgh which became the 35th location in the US. Now, only one week later, another city has gained support.

Locast has now reached Milwaukee. The announcement confirmed that residents are now able to stream more than 40 live TV channels over the internet for free. According to Locast, the expansion results in more than 2 million residents having now gained access to an additional way to watch their local TV stations.

Residents in the Milwaukee designated market area (DMA) can now access WTMJ NBC 4, WISN ABC 12, WDJT CBS 58, WITI FOX 6, and PBS. This is in addition to Telemundo, CourtTV, Grit, TrueCrime, and Comet, among others.

With Locast, Milwaukee residents can now stream local news, sports and weather, and without the need for additional hardware. However, there are some points to be aware of with the most pressing one being the free element. While Locast is free to use, the service does rely on donations and often interrupts the feeds to request donations. Therefore, those looking for an interruption-free streaming experience will need to donate. What’s more, donations are monthly and not one-off payments making them very similar in principle to a subscription.

Still, for those that cannot get access to local TV stations easily with an antenna or through their current live TV package, Locast may prove to be a useful solution, even if they have to set up and pay a monthly donation.

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