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JetBlue Now Lets You Find, Save And Watch Video Content Like You Do At Home


JetBlue new 'Continue Watching' feature shown on an aircraft inflight entertainment system

JetBlue has announced the launch of its new ‘Blueprint by JetBlue’ personalized inflight experience, which makes it possible for customers to discover, save and watch content similar to how they do at home.

Building on its existing partnership with Peacock, JetBlue has drawn inspiration from the at-home streaming experience to offer features like personal recommendations, ‘continue watching,’ and even the ability to create a watch party. What’s all the more interesting is that these features travel with the user, even across layovers and flights.

Essentially, travelers now have the option of creating a personalized profile that sticks with them each time they board a flight. Whether connecting with a layover or taking a different flight the next month, the inflight entertainment system will pick up exactly where it was left when the user deplaned from the last flight.

Here’s a rundown of the new Blueprint features available on select JetBlue flights:

  • Watch party: Watch the same film or TV show at the exact same time with up to five other customers on the flight. JetBlue is the first airline to allow up to six customers to watch entertainment content at the same time to enjoy family-style viewing. Play and pause can be controlled on all linked screens, regardless of where each viewer is seated.
  • Content recommendations: Receive personal recommendations for inflight entertainment based on previous viewing history.
  • Pick up where you left off: Whether connecting with a layover or flying next month, never miss the end of a film or television show—automatically pick up where you left off from flight to flight.
  • Saved favorites: Save film and TV show selections to watch on future flights so you can spend less time searching and more time watching.
  • Saved settings: Accessibility and system settings, such as volume, language, parental controls and close captions preferences can now be saved and carried over from flight to flight.
  • Content partnerships: First-of-its-kind partnerships such as JetBlue’s exclusive streaming partner, Peacock, provide customers with access to exclusive entertainment and offers.

Naturally, this level of personalization requires the IFE system to know that the same person is traveling again, and this does mean the user has to authenticate their profile. This is done by signing in with the last name and date of birth on the seatback touchscreen.

As this is an opt-in feature, it is still possible to have a traditional watch-as-you-fly experience, albeit without access to all these personalized features.

John Finn


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