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It Doesn’t Look Like A Netflix Apple Vision Pro App Is Coming Anytime Soon


Apple Vision Pro apps

Based on comments by Netflix’s VP of Design Steve Johnson, it doesn’t look like Apple Vision Pro users can expect to get a dedicated Netflix app anytime soon. The main reason being the platform is still considered too much of an edge case. 

Apple released its Vision Pro headset earlier his year. Even before that, however, Disney was very quick to confirm that a dedicated Disney+ app would be available at launch. Soon after, confirmation came that a number of other streaming services were working on their own apps, including ESPN, Paramount+, Peacock, and Prime Video, among others.

Missing from that list was Netflix, and considering the streaming service’s extensive user base, that’s a notable absentee. In a recent interview with Fast Company, Netflix’s Johnson explained why there is no Netflix app available, and as importantly, why there might not be one in the near future. 

According to Johnson, Netflix was unsure of whether the Vision Pro was ultimately going to end up being an entertainment or utility product. In addition, the company was also unsure of how widely the headset would be adopted, especially considering the $3,500+ price tag. 

On a more general device support note, Johnson explained that Netflix isn’t a company that will simply release a new app just because a new device or platform has launched. Likewise, Netflix isn’t the type of company that would release an app at the wrong time just to be early to market. 

In terms of the future, it would appear that Netflix is currently keeping an eye on Apple to see how the Vision Pro evolves and how it is used by consumers. Then, according to Johnson, it might be time to “have a real discussion about how Netflix does it.”

Johnson also explained that, if and when a Netflix app is released for the Vision Pro, the ideal would be to ensure it is “using the power of the system as much as humanly possible so that it’s really making that an immersive experience.”

In the meantime, it looks like Apple Vision Pro users will need to continue watching Netflix through Safari.

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