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Hulu On Disney+ Now Officially Live In The U.S. For Disney Bundle Subscribers


New Disney Plus Aurora Logo

Hulu on Disney+’ is now officially live for Disney Bundle subscribers in the United States. While existing bundle subscribers have already been exposed to Hulu on Disney+, the availability of Hulu content remained in a beta status.

That is what’s officially changed today with Disney confirming the official launch of Hulu on Disney+. This also means that existing subscribers (standalone Disney+ and Disney Bundle) will begin to see more Hulu within the Disney+ app and website.

For existing bundle subscribers, the main difference will be Hulu content is no longer resigned to the Hulu Hub that was in use during the beta phase. Instead, Hulu titles will now be integrated in the general Disney+ app experience, including in recommendations, sets and collections alongside Disney+ content.

Hulu in Disney Plus live
Image: Disney

For those only signed up to Disney+, they will now begin to see more instances of Disney+ suggesting the subscriber upgrade to the bundle. While this is in effect advertising, Disney argues the “expanded upsell options” make it “more convenient” for standalone subscribers to upgrade their subscription.

In terms of the bundling, nothing major seems to be changing here. While Disney+ remains priced at $7.99 a month with ads or $13.99 a month without ads, the Disney Duo Bundle (Disney+ and Hulu) remains priced at $$9.99 a month with ads and $19.99 a month without ads.

As Streaming Better reported last week, Disney+ had already begun to switch out its app icon for one that was a mashup of the signature Disney+ and Hulu colors. As part of today’s official launch, Disney confirmed this hybrid color is now officially known as “Aurora.”

Inspired by the aurora borealis and paying homage to Princess Aurora, Disney Entertainment’s President of Direct-to-Consumer Joe Earley said the new color is “beautiful, a bit more adult, and signals a change.”

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