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All Hulu Live TV Subscribers Are Getting An Unlimited Cloud DVR


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All Hulu Live TV subscribers will be upgraded to an unlimited cloud DVR starting next month. The ability to record shows and movies is one of the major benefits of having live TV delivered over the internet, but there are a number of services that still limit how much recording space a subscriber gets. Up until now, and technically until next month, Hulu was one of them.

Along with the price, the number of channels, and the number of devices that can be used at the same time, cloud DVR has remained one of the differences between live TV streaming services. For example, both Philo and YouTube TV offer an unlimited recording experience, while most others tend to limit the number of hours. In some cases, they not only limit the number of hours, but also charge users to unlock more.

Hulu Live TV typically offers a 50-hour cloud DVR to all of its subscribers for free. There was also the option to unlock more hours through its ‘Enhanced Cloud DVR Add-on.’ However, the company has now confirmed that all Hulu Live TV subscribers will be gifted an unlimited cloud DVR. The change is due to take place on April 13th, 2022, and the upgrade will be free. For those existing subscribers that are already paying for the Enhanced Cloud DVR Add-on, they will also gain the free unlimited cloud DVR and see their monthly price reduced by the cost of the add-on, starting from April 13.

It is also worth noting that Hulu has explicitly stated the new bundled unlimited cloud DVR will include ‘fast-forwarding capabilities.’ Previously, only those upgraded to the Enhanced Cloud DVR Add-on were able to skip through the ads on recorded videos, with the announcement seemingly suggesting this will also now be available to base Hulu Live TV subscribers as well. The only real caveat to be aware of is that recording videos only remain recorded for up to nine months. After which, they are automatically deleted.

Hulu Live TV recently increased the monthly price to $69.99 per month, making it one of the more expensive live TV streaming services around. However, that price increase did also add Disney+ and ESPN+ subscriptions to the base package. Now, with an unlimited recording experience also on offer, Hulu has made some major changes that actually do add value to its live TV plan.

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