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Hulu Live TV Is Back Up To Four Million Subscribers Again


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Hulu Live TV is back up to four million subscribers again after losing a number of users in the previous quarter. The live TV streaming market continues to be somewhat volatile, with subscribers often changing services quickly when a service rolls out a price increase or drops channels. Over the past month, a number of updates have come through and they provide a clearer picture of how the live TV subscriber market is currently shaping up.

While Hulu Live TV is not necessarily a cheap option, it is one that has continued to be popular with consumers. One of the likely reasons for this is the channel lineup in general. However, another reason is likely to be the combining of the basic Hulu subscription with the live TV side. For those that would otherwise subscribe to a live TV service and basic Hulu, this effectively reduces the cost by a minimum of $6.99 per month.

Hulu Live TV had exactly four million subscribers as of October 2nd, 2021. The updated subscriber number was provided by The Walt Disney Company as part of its fiscal full year and Q4 2021 earnings report. The announcement also confirmed there were 39.7 million basic Hulu subscribers, taking the total number of Hulu subscribers (basic plus live TV) to 43.8 million (rounded) overall.

How exactly these numbers compare depends on comparing to when. For example, Hulu Live TV finished the previous fiscal Q3 2021 quarter with only 3.7 million subscribers. In this sense, it increased in subscribers quarter over quarter. However, Hulu Live TV did have four million subscribers at the start of 2021, with the previous quarter reflecting a drop in the overall number. In fact, when Disney released its fiscal full year and Q4 2020 earnings report this time last year, Hulu Live TV stood at 4.1 million subscribers. In this sense, the live TV streaming service’s subscriber base has declined year over year.

For reference, Sling TV released its latest earning report last week confirming the service was up to 2.56 million. Likewise, fuboTV recently released its own quarterly report, explaining how it has now hit one million subscribers for the first time. As for YouTube TV, the exact number remains unknown although it is understood to be serving a similar number of subscribers as Hulu Live TV.

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