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Hulu Live TV Reviewed (In 500 Words)


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Hulu live TV is a great option for most people although the restrictions might prove too much for some consumers.

In this quick review we’ll briefly go over the pros and cons so you know what to expect. However, if you want a more in-depth understanding of what Hulu live has to offer then check out our Hulu + Live TV full review.

What’s good about Hulu live TV

Hulu live TV has a lot going for it, including the UI and interface. Now, this won’t be to everyone’s liking (it’s very vibrant and almost intrusive at times), but the interface does a good job of promoting individual content and aiding discovery of new shows and movies.

Other areas where Hulu live excels is in the device and cloud DVR support. The service is compatible with many devices and platforms, and thanks to 50 hours of cloud DVR (with no expiration date) thrown in for free, Hulu live is a more than capable live TV streaming service.

Besides the live TV and on-demand network content, Hulu live TV also includes the basic Hulu subscription. At no extra cost, this adds a ton of content that you would otherwise have to pay for, making Hulu live one of the richest live TV services at the price. This is certainly the main reason why you might want to give Hulu live a try.

What’s bad about Hulu live TV

Although not exclusive to Hulu live, this is a service that can get expensive, and quickly. If you start adding premium channels and want more cloud DVR, along with additional streams, then the price will escalate at speed.

Due to this, Hulu live is not really the best option for families. For the base price, the included DVR limit and the limited streams means there are better options out there for for busier households. This is also true if you plan to often watch away from home.

Hulu two homes
Not the best for families or multiple homes

What is arguably the biggest downfall with Hulu live is the home network restriction. Due to this limitation, the service won’t be usable for anyone who plans to access live TV on different Wi-Fi networks. This is not an issue when accessing via a mobile device, but through any living room devices (including set-top boxes and sticks), Hulu is only good as long as it’s accessed by everyone on the same network.

Is Hulu live worth it?

Hulu live review

The short answer is yes, Hulu live TV is worth a subscription. For $54.99 per month, you get a lot of content and some additional features that do genuinely add to the experience.

However, it is not going to be the best option for larger families, use in more than one location, or anyone interested in unlimited cloud DVR and/or additional streams.

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