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Hulu Live TV Streaming Support On PlayStation 5 Confirmed


Hulu Live TV PlayStation 5

Hulu Live TV streaming support on the PlayStation 5 has now officially been confirmed. While it was unlikely to have ever been in doubt, the PS5 support update ensures those buying the latest games console from Sony won’t run into any issues when trying to access live TV channels through the PS5 Hulu app.

The timing of the live TV support update was not a coincidence as the next-generation Sony console officially launched today in a number of countries, including the U.S. Available in two different models with the price starting at $399, the PlayStation 5 offers many improvements and benefits, including ray tracing, gameplay at up to 120fps, compatibility with 8K displays, and HDMI 2.1 support.

Hulu today updated its PlayStation support document to confirm that along with the PlayStation 4, the newer PS5 can also download the Latest Hulu app as well, providing access to not only the content available through the basic Hulu subscription, but also live TV.

Although the support document was only recently updated, there were no changes made to the PlayStation 3 support. While the PS3 is able to download the Latest Hulu app, it is unable to access many of the premium features, including live TV.

An expected, but good to know update

Hulu Live TV is an extremely popular option for live TV streaming, with the service only recently confirming more than four million subscribers. As to be expected, device support plays a major role in popularity as those who cannot access a service on their preferred platforms and devices are unlikely to subscribe, or stay subscribed if they realize the lack of support too late.

To highlight how much of an issue device support can be, the PlayStation 4 only gained Hulu Live TV support this year. Likewise, both HBO Max and Peacock have struggled to agree terms for Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices to carry their apps. Although, in the case of Peacock that was recently rectified on Roku.

However, compared to the HBO Max and Peacock app support issues, the PS5 is a totally different situation, considering it is new hardware and it can take time for apps to gain support. For example, Sony put out a blog post in late October confirming that Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube would all be supported on launch day. In contrast, Hulu, along with Amazon Prime Video and Peacock were all simply listed as “coming to PS5.”

In addition, an even more recent (November 9) PlayStation 5 FAQ post was released, again not mentioning Hulu, let alone Hulu Live TV support. However, following the current update from Hulu, those looking to pick up a PlayStation 5 today, or in the future, can do so knowing the support for Hulu Live TV is there.

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