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Hulu Live TV Free Trials Have Returned, Albeit Only As 3-Day Free Trials


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If you’ve been considering giving Hulu Live TV a try, now might be the best time to do so, as the live TV service is currently offering a three-day free trial when signing up as a new subscriber. Although three days isn’t a long time to test out a service, Hulu Live TV doesn’t typically offer a free trial at all.

While Hulu has always offered a 30-day free trial with its basic Hulu service, the Hulu Live TV free trial was abandoned back in late 2021 – when the price increased to $69.99 a month. Since then, the price has increased again, with the base package now costing $76.99 a month, and all new subscribers have had to pay the full monthly amount immediately upon signing up.

The other big change that happened back in late 2021 was the inclusion of Disney+ and ESPN+ with a Hulu Live TV subscription. With a free trial also now available again, new subscribers can test out the full Hulu Live TV experience, including Disney+ and ESPN+, for free for the first three days. From what we can tell, the free trial only became available to new subscribers earlier today, and is also available to returning subscribers as well.

For those now considering taking advantage of this free trial, it is worth noting that a new help post makes clear that the free trial will “end immediately upon cancellation.” As a result, those looking to maximize the free period will need to wait until the last day to cancel. Of course, this will also increase the risk of the subscription rolling over to a paid subscription, and if that happens, the subscriber will be charged $76.99 for the next month.

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