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Hulu Live TV Now Has More Than 4 Million Subscribers


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Hulu Live TV now has more than four million subscribers in the United States. This latest reveal further confirms Hulu Live’s continued rise to the top of the live TV streaming market, while also highlighting the sustained growth in cord-cutting in general.

It wasn’t that long ago that AT&T TV NOW and Sling TV were considered the market leaders in terms of subscribers. However, over the last couple of years the momentum has clearly been with Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV, with both continually attracting more users. In fact, Google only recently confirmed that YouTube TV was now serving more than three million subscribers, putting it in an exclusive club alongside Hulu Live TV.

Today, The Walt Disney Company announced its Q4 2020 (and full year) results, confirming that Hulu Live TV has moved up to the next million milestone. As of October 3 2020, Hulu Live TV had 4.1 million subscribers in the U.S. The earnings report also confirmed 32.5 million SVOD Hulu customers, putting the total number of those using Hulu at 36.6 million overall.

In addition to confirming the Hulu SVOD and live TV numbers, Disney also explained that ESPN+ has risen to more than 10 million subscribers, while Disney+ now stands at close to 74 million.

Hulu and YouTube continue to dominate

With more than four million subscribers to its name, Hulu Live TV is continuing to cement its position within the live TV market. When also factoring in YouTube TV’s continual increase in subscriber numbers, the two services alone now account for more than seven million live TV subscriptions in the U.S., further highlighting the continued switch from traditional TV services to streaming.

Of course, not every live TV service has seen similar increases over the same period. For example, while Sling TV has managed to maintain its subscriber base, AT&T TV NOW has lost subscribers quarter after quarter. Then there’s fuboTV. Although fuboTV has not been able to attract the same level of subscribers, its most recent quarterly results showed a good increase, bringing the service’s subscriber base to an all-time high.

However, to put the recent quarterly rate of Hulu Live TV subscriber growth into perspective, it was only in August of this year when the service was confirmed to have 3.4 million subscribers. In the three months since then, Hulu Live TV has added more new subscribers then the current total number of fuboTV or AT&T TV NOW subscribers.

Source: Disney

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