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Hulu Live TV Closed Q1 2022 With 4.1 Million Subscribers


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Hulu Live TV ended the first quarter of 2022 with 4.1 million subscribers, which represents a decrease compared to the quarter before. However, Hulu Live TV did still see an increase in subscribers when compared to the same quarter in 2021. Not to mention, Hulu overall saw an increase in the total number of people using its service.

Hulu Live TV remains one of the most popular streaming services in the United States and quickly rose to this position after launch. More recently, the service appear to have encountered a few hurdles in subscriber growth. The service did recently encounter a price increase taking the cost up to $69.99 per month and looked to offset the impact by bundling Disney+ and ESPN+ subscriptions with the live TV plan. Effectively, increasing the overall value offered.

As of April 2, 2022, there were 4.1 million Hulu Live TV subscribers. The confirmation of the latest subscriber number was provided as part of The Walt Disney Company’s fiscal second quarter 2022 earnings report and represents a decrease of roughly 200,000 subscribers when compared to the previous quarter. However, considering Hulu Live TV closed out the same quarter of 2021 with 3.8 million subscribers, this does represent an overall year-of-year increase of around 300,000.

When looking at the entire Hulu service, things are a little more positive. Hulu ended the previous quarter (and 2021 as a whole) with 40.9 million basic Hulu subscribers taking the overall number of basic and Live TV subscribers up to 45.3 million. More recently, Hulu ended the first calendar quarter of 2022 with 41.4 SVOD subscribers. When combined with the latest 4.1 million Live TV customers, this brings the overall number of basic Hulu and Live TV subscribers up to 45.6 million. An increase of roughly 300,000 overall.

In spite of the drop in the number of live TV customers, Hulu Live TV is still one of the leading forces, if not the overall leader. The only service that is understood to be close to Hulu Live TV in terms of subscribers is YouTube TV, although Google is typically less transparent when it comes to routinely revealing subscriber numbers. Still, Sling TV is the next nearest and recently confirmed it ended the first quarter with 2.49 million subscribers, firmly placing it some way behind both Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV. For reference, fuboTV also recently revealed its latest numbers, confirming 1.13 million subscribers.

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