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Hulu Live TV Now an Option on Comcast’s Xfinity Flex Devices


Hulu Live TV on Xfinity Flex

Hulu Live TV is now available on Xfinity Flex devices, providing Comcast customers with another option for accessing live TV channels over the internet, along with Sling TV. At the same time, providing existing Hulu Live subscribers with an additional device they can watch live TV channels on.

The standard Hulu app originally became available on Xfinity Flex (and X1) devices back in March of 2020. Although Hulu Live TV was already offering live TV by then, the Hulu on Xfinity launch didn’t provide access to the live TV service. Hulu has both modern and classic apps, but devices limited to the classic app are unable to access certain features, such as live TV.

This was the case for Xfinity Flex users, but that’s now changed. Comcast has confirmed that Hulu Live TV is available on Xfinity Flex devices, starting from today. Technically, Xfinity Flex users won’t have to do much to access the service as the current classic app is simply being replaced on devices with the latest version, opening up access to live TV for those with an existing Hulu Live subscription.

While existing subscribers can take advantage of the live TV support now, Comcast explains that the option to sign up to Hulu Live TV through a Flex device isn’t available yet, but will be added in the coming weeks.

The same level of device and app support has not been extended to Xfinity X1 devices and it remains to be seen if that will change in the future. Xfinity X1 device users are able to access the latest version of the Hulu app needed for live TV but, along with the PlayStation 3, live TV is one of the features that’s currently blocked on X1 devices.

Part of the reason for this is likely to be the fact that Xfinity X1 is designed to serve users with Comcast’s Xfinity TV service. In this sense, Hulu Live TV is a competing product, in contrast to Xfinity Flex which only requires the user to be an Xfinity Internet service customer and not an Xfinity TV customer.

Source: Comcast

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