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Get Hulu Live TV For $54.99 Per Month For First Three Months


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Hulu Live TV is currently running a promotion that reduces the cost of a live TV subscription by $10 per month for the first three months resulting in $30 in overall savings. Hulu Live TV remains a popular option for streaming live TV channels over the internet and this deal is a good way to test out the service over a longer period of time without having to pay the full price.

One of the reasons Hulu remains a popular option is the bundling of a basic subscription with the live TV plan. Although Hulu Live TV is expensive compared to other services, the inclusion of the standard Hulu subscription greatly expands the amount of on demand content that’s available to subscribers.

A standard Hulu Live TV subscription costs $64.99 per month. However, new subscribers can currently save $10 per month, bringing the cost down to $54.99 per month for the first three months. What’s more, the deal does not impact on the standard Hulu Live TV free trial. As a result, new subscribers will not only save $30 over the course of the three months, but they’ll also still get the first seven days for free.

There’s not much to do to take advantage of the deal as there are no codes or special hoops to jump through. Instead, consumers just need to sign up to the service through the Hulu Live TV website before11:59 pm (PST) on October 28, 2021. In addition, the reduced Hulu Live TV subscription deal is available to both new and returning subscribers. The main caveat for those returning is that they can’t have had an active Hulu Live TV subscription during the past three months.

As is typically the case with these discounted deals, the reduced subscription will automatically convert to a full price subscription once the promotional period has ended, unless the Hulu Live TV subscription is canceled. The only other major caveat to be aware of is that the subscription must be activated directly through Hulu. In other words, the Hulu Live TV subscription cannot be set up through a third-party, such as Apple or Roku.

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