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Why Hulu Live Guide Might Not Be Working (Loading) And Potential Fixes


Hulu Live Guide error

If the Hulu TV guide is not working or loading properly, there are some checks that a subscriber can make to try and fix the problem. Like many apps and services, Hulu Live TV can occasionally run into problems. What’s more, some subscribers may encounter issues that other subscribers won’t due to the varied nature of supported devices.

The standard Hulu Live TV subscription costs a minimum of $69.99 per month, making it one of the more expensive services for accessing live TV. In return for that monthly cost subscribers gain access to more than 75 channels. With live TV the main purpose of a subscription, being unable to access the live guide is something that can greatly impact on the experience.

The reason the Hulu live guide is not loading is likely to be a result of the app being unable to made a connection with Hulu’s servers. Put simply, the fix is to reset the connection again. The easiest way to do this is to force close the app and relaunch it again. Even when not in use, apps can remain active in the background. Completely closing the app will ensure any background processes that might still be active (in this case, causing the issue) will be reset. Once the app is launched again, it will look to reestablish a fresh connection, hopefully fixing the problem at the same time.

How the app is force closed will depend on the device that’s being used. For example, if using an Android device (including Android TV) or a Fire TV device, the Hulu app can be forced closed by heading to the device’s settings menu and locating Hulu under Applications. In contrast, if using an iPhone, iPad or an Apple TV player, the app can be forced closed by accessing the app switcher view (double-tapping the Home button or swiping up from the bottom) and then closing the Hulu app. If using a different device, this Hulu help post provides detailed instructions on how to force close the app on all of the service’s currently supported devices.

If force closing Hulu doesn’t work

Not all issues are always the result of the same problem and it is possible that something else is causing the Hulu live guide to load incorrectly. If the force closing option doesn’t work, users might want to try performing a power cycle on the device to fix the problem. Essentially, this involves turning the device off, completely unplugging it from its power supply, waiting a short time, and then plugging it back in and powering it on again. Similar to the force close method, the idea with the power cycle is to reset the connection.

Due to the very nature of a power cycle, this will reset all connections on the device. This isn’t a bad thing as it may actually be something unrelated to the app that’s causing the problem. For example, the internet connection. Speaking of which, checking to make sure the device is reliably connecting to the internet may also be worthwhile and could avoid the need to power cycle the device. If the device and/or Hulu app is unable to establish a stable connection to the internet, the live guide will be unable to populate. Even if the internet connection is active, and seemingly working fine, it might still be worth disconnecting and reconnecting again to see if that forces the Hulu live guide to connect properly.

Of course, the problem may also be with Hulu in general. If Hulu is down or its servers are having problems, then this may impact on the ability for the live guide to work properly. In these instances, there isn’t much a subscriber can do other than wait for the problem to be fixed by Hulu. Checking the Hulu app on another supported device (or checking the Hulu website) can help to determine whether this might be the issue, as it will rule out any problems with a specific device.

Hulu live guide not working summary

The Hulu live guide requires a connection to the internet and issues with the guide not working or loading properly are usually the result of a bad connection. While this can mean the actual internet connection, it is more likely the result of the app no longer making a good connection. This can usually and quickly be fixed by simply force closing the app. As many apps often continue to run in the background, simply exiting the app is unlikely to be enough. Instead, subscribers will need to manually force close the app to terminate all connections. Once done, relaunching the app will ensure a fresh connection, and hopefully fix the issue in the process.

It might also be worth power cycling the device by turning off the device and completely disconnecting it from the power. Similar to force closing, the idea here is to fully reset the app’s connections before reestablishing them again. In some cases, users may find that an uninstall and reinstall of the app is what’s required. If the problem persists, or is present on multiple devices, then it is possible that the live guide issue is with Hulu. In these instances, the only real option might be to wait for Hulu to fix the problem.

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