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Hulu Ad-Supported Subscription Even Cheaper with New Annual Plan


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Hulu is now offering users the option to pay annually for their subscription and save up to $12 in the process. At present, the annual payment option is only available to existing subscribers and can only be applied to the ad-supported version of the basic Hulu subscription.

Hulu offers consumers access to a variety of show episodes and movies for a monthly subscription cost. The ad-free version of Hulu is priced at $11.99 per month, although the price can be reduced down to $5.99 for those who are willing to sit through ads. This cheaper plan is now also available on a yearly basis, which reduces the cost further.

At the standard $5.99 per month rate, subscribers can expect to pay $71.88 over the course of 12 months. However, for those who sign up now and pay for the year ahead, the cost of the subscription comes down to $59.99. In other words, the annual price breaks down to $4.99 each month, representing an annual saving of $12, or $1 for each month of the year.

Only for existing subscribers, for now

Although the current annual subscription saving is only available to existing subscribers, that’s only a short-term event. Hulu has confirmed that the same $60 paid yearly plan will also be made available to new subscribers later this year. However, what seems unlikely to change anytime soon is the availability of the annual savings beyond the ad-supported plan.

While Hulu has confirmed that new subscribers will gain access to the yearly option in due course, the company gave no indications those on the ad-free version will be offered a similar yearly discount. Likewise, there was no suggestion the Hulu Live TV plan will also be offered with a yearly savings option.

In spite of this, the basic ad-supported Hulu subscription is often touted by the company as its most popular plan overall. Therefore, the new savings option is still going to be useful to a wide number of subscribers. In its latest earnings report, Disney confirmed that there are now more than 35 million subscribers in the United States, with more than 32 million of them currently subscribed to the Hulu basic plan.

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