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Here’s How To Watch The 2022 World Series


World Series 2022

The 2022 MLB World Series is being shown live on Fox. As a result, sports fans will need access to a live TV streaming service that includes the Fox channel. If looking to watch the World Series for free, it is possible, providing the home has access to an over-the-air antenna and is located in an area where a local Fox station operates.

This year’s World Series sees the Houston Astros taking on the Philadelphia Phillies. Game 1 takes place today (October 28) at 8:03 p.m. ET (5:03 p.m. PT) with coverage beginning at 7 p.m. ET (4:00 p.m. PT), and if the World Series goes all the way to Game 7, then the champions won’t be decided until November 5th. Regardless of when the final game is, all of the 2022 World Series games will be shown exclusively on Fox.

When it comes to paying for a live TV service that includes Fox, there are plenty of options available. As Fox is one of the national channels that is readily available, consumers can go with the service that best suits their needs. For example, Sling TV is an affordable option with its Sling Blue plan unlocking access to Fox for just $35 per month. However, Sling doesn’t offer Fox everywhere, so homes will need to make sure they do get access to their home area’s local Fox channel before signing up.

Outside of Sling TV, Vidgo ($59.95+) is likely to be the next cheapest option for watching the World Series with both of its Plus and Premium plans providing access to Fox. Otherwise, DirecTV Stream ($69.99+), fuboTV ($69.99+), Hulu Live TV ($69.99), and YouTube TV ($64.99), are all live TV streaming services that offer Fox as part of their base plan channel lineups.

Streaming services you can watch the World Series on:

It is worth noting that some of these live TV streaming services also offer a free trial, making it possible to test out the service before having to pay. The exact length of the free trial varies between services, and not all of them offer one. Depending on when the World Series is decided, this could be one way to watch for free.

Can you access your local OTA Fox channel?

Another way to watch the 2022 World Series for free is by tuning in to your local Fox station. This method does require an actual antenna, scanning for available channels, and the home needing to be in an area where a local Fox channel can be received. Providing these requirements are met, however, this can be a good way to catch all of the games without having to sign up for a live TV subscription or pay anything.

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