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How to Start Streaming Peacock as a Comcast Xfinity Customer


Comcast Xfinity Peacock how to

The Peacock streaming service is not due to launch in the US until July 15. However, Comcast Xfinity customers now have early access to the service. Here’s what those customers need to know and how to get started.

When Peacock goes live to everyone it will primarily be offered as both a free and premium product. The premium version will also be split into two tiers with an ad-supported version priced at $4.99 per month and an ad-free option at $9.99 per month. Comcast Xfinity customers are being gifted the premium with ads version resulting in a $5 per month saving.

However, this is an early access version and that means there are some limitations in effect. For example, with no general mobile or TV apps available to download, Comcast Xfinity customers cannot simply watch Peacock on all of their devices. Likewise, the content lineup has not been fully fleshed out yet with some notable and popular titles missing. In spite of this, Peacock still offers thousands of hours of content, including TV shows, movies, and exclusive original series, and at no additional cost.

How To Get Started With Peacock

With the lack of different platform apps available, getting started for Comcast Xfinity customers is pretty easy to do. Essentially, they can only access the service on the device their Comcast Xfinity box is connected to.

Irrespective of other platforms and devices, the Peacock app is now available on the Comcast Xfinity Flex box and is due to go live for eligible Xfinity X1 customers in the next few weeks. Once the app is installed, all users have to do is open the app and link an email address. As this is being gifted to Comcast Xfinity customers, no other information other than an email address is currently required.

Once signed up by email, the app will be ready to use and the world of Peacock available to stream for free. Comcast Xfinity customers can then further manage their Peacock account through the account section on the main Peacock website.

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12 responses to “How to Start Streaming Peacock as a Comcast Xfinity Customer”

  1. I got charged a $100 for peacock my mom watches little house on the prairie. They said it used up my data is this true if so you should tell people

  2. Joesph McConaghy Avatar
    Joesph McConaghy

    I want to watch Pro Football Talk. It is now on Peacock. How do I get this “free” service as part of my Xfinity service (Comcast)? They want a password, but when I type in the site to get it, it doesn’t help. How do,I get Pro,Football Talk ?

  3. Sally Borzager Avatar
    Sally Borzager

    I no longer have audio when streaming Peacock to the tv from my computer

  4. OK. I get that NBC wants people to pay for its content. CBS removed itself from Hulu. There are many add on “channels” within Amazon video. You can subscribe to Acorn tv using a Roku device and with smart tvs.
    Etc., etc. So now NBC and Disney want to get their share of $$s by making their content available in a service comparable to and add-on to Amazon vid., Hulu, or single pay to view Roku channel.
    BUT– BUT why are the ways to get Peacock so limited? I have Comcast. Internet only. I don’t want another “box” on my shelves or another remote. I have my own modem/router. I’ve “cut the cord”. Got a “deal” through Comcast and took the book back because I didn’t want to watch TV that way. I wasn’t going to watch anything I could already watch through other means. NOW — Peacock isn’t available to me through my perfectly good Samsung smart tv. Not supported on a Roku device. I’m not going to sit in front of a computer screen to watch your content. Basically, I find that your service pretty much sucks.

  5. Rue D Doolin Avatar
    Rue D Doolin

    I am 85 years old and apparently accidently pushed a wrong button by accident, and I received a thank you for subscribing to prime peacock. I will not ever watch it, and I don’t want to pay for it. Please correct it for me. Thank you.

  6. Richard Gustin Avatar
    Richard Gustin

    We received the new TV Guide and it said Peacock Premium would be available for $30/year if signed up by July 15, 2020! Where do I go to sign up for that program?

    Also, i read on this post of customers having problems, has Peacock resolved those issues before I commit to a years service?

  7. Shirley Lay Avatar
    Shirley Lay

    Ever since I installed Peacock on my TV from xfinity my TV has been messing up. It keeps stalling, won’t change channels and the screen flickers. Your online support system sucks I can’t get a live agent even though it says they are connecting to an agent. I really don’t like having my email displayed on my TV screen. How do i get rid of xfinity

    1. Shirley Lay Avatar
      Shirley Lay

      OOPS I meant to say how do I get rid of Peacock?

    2. John Finn Avatar
      John Finn

      To cancel Peacock, you’ll need to go through the website –

      Log in with your email address and then head to “manage your account” section. Then you’ll be able to cancel it completely.

      I don’t think there’s currently any way to do it through the TV itself – you have to go through the website.

  8. ICXCNIKA Avatar

    Tried Peacock but it keeps stalling in the middle of shows (black screen, spinning progress bar- I mean at least twenty minutes then I gave up. Happened multiple times. I have to exit Peacock and select it from the xfinity menu to restart it- then it just jams up again. Not a pleasant viewing experience

  9. William J Porter Avatar
    William J Porter

    How do I cancel Peacock from my Xfinity account and not mess up my regular account with Xfinity. I signed up for Peacock and do not want Peacock> THANKS, Bill.

    1. John Finn Avatar
      John Finn

      Hi Bill,

      If you want to cancel Peacock completely, then you can do that through the Peacock website –

      Just log in with the email address you used when signing up through the TV app and you’ll be able to access the ‘manage your account’ section through the website. As this is the Peacock website, any changes you make won’t affect your regular Xfinity account.

      Hope this helps,

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