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How To Get Peacock On Your Smart TV


Peacock on a smart TV

Peacock can be watched on a number of devices including smart TVs. However, not every smart TV is compatible with the app and ensuring the TV currently being used is supported is the first step to getting Peacock. Providing a TV is supported, Peacock can usually be downloaded and set up fairly quickly.

Peacock can be a good addition to a home’s streaming setup. Like many other services, Peacock does require a paid monthly subscription to unlock all of the content that’s available. However, unlike many other services, Peacock does offer a free tier that allows homes to watch a limited selection of content without having to pay for a subscription. Whether looking to watch for free, or to access all of the premium content, a compatible smart TV or streaming player will be required.

Before attempting to install Peacock on a smart TV, it is important to make sure that the TV is supported. This shouldn’t be a problem for many homes considering Peacock is available on some of the most popular operating systems. For example, users of a TV powered by Android TV (Google TV), Fire TV, or Roku should find there are no major issues with downloading Peacock from the device’s app store.

Below is an example of how to install Peacock (from the home screen) on a smart TV (in this case, Sony) that’s powered by Google TV.

  1. Navigate to Apps
  2. Navigate down to Search for apps and games
  3. Type in “Peacock
  4. Click on Install
  5. Wait for the download to finish

Once the app has been downloaded, the user can either launch Peacock from the same Play Store page used to install the app or locate the application in the Your apps row of the Apps section.

Peacock app store
Open the app after installing

Alternatively, a slightly quicker way to install an app like Peacock on Google TV is to use the search function. Instead of navigating right to the Apps section, navigate left on the home screen and click on Search. Then simply type in “Peacock” to be redirected to the Play Store page where the app can be installed from.

While Fire TV and Roku devices are slightly different to navigate, the same general instructions apply. Simply open either the Amazon App Store or the Roku Channel Store on the device, search for “Peacock“, and then click on the Install button to download the app. Once downloaded on any of these operating systems, the TV user will need to either sign up for a free account or to one of the paid plans.

Getting Peacock on other smart TVs

While TVs powered by Android/Google TV, Fire TV, and Roku are fairly well supported, where consumers may run into issues is with TVs using their own operating systems. Considering not all TV operating systems are supported, consumers will need to check their specific model to ensure it is compatible with the Peacock app. Generally speaking, if the TV is a Samsung smart TV (2017 or later), a Hisense VIDAA smart TV (2021 or later), or an LG smart TV (running WebOS 3.5 or above), then consumers should find they are able to download Peacock directly on the TV from the respective app store.

In addition to the above brands and models, Peacock is also available on Vizio smart TVs (2016 or later) as well. However, unlike the other brands, Vizio SmartCast users don’t have to worry about downloading apps. Instead, these users should be able to find Peacock in the app row of the SmartCast home screen along with all of the other apps that are available on a Vizio TV.

For owners of a smart TV other than the ones mentioned above, Peacock might not be available to download at all. Device support lists are always changing with other devices being routinely added, so it is possible that other TV brands and models will gain support at a later date. Until then, those with a currently unsupported smart TV may want to consider using a compatible streaming player to access Peacock. Alternatively, if the smart TV supports either Chromecast or AirPlay, homes may find they are able to connect and stream Peacock from the smartphone app to the TV.

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