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How To Cancel A DAZN Subscription (And What Happens After)


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A DAZN subscription can be quickly and easily canceled through the settings section of the website, but similar to other streaming services, the cancelation won’t take effect immediately. Instead, the actual date the subscription ends will depend on the subscriber’s individual billing cycle.

DAZN is a good service for any homes that are looking for greater access to sports content. Specifically, boxing. While a subscription does also open up access to some other sports, the variety of content is far more limited. As a result, some homes may find that DAZN is not actually the right streaming service after signing up.

If that is the case, a DAZN subscription might need to be canceled. Regardless of whether signed up to the monthly or annual plan, the DAZN website is the best way to cancel. Once logged in, the option to cancel a subscription can be found under the My Account section of the settings menu.

Cancel through the DAZN website:

  1. Visit DAZN
  2. Log in if required
  3. Click/tap on the Menu icon (top right corner)
  4. Click/tap on My Account
  5. Click/tap on Subscription
  6. Click/tap on Cancel Subscription

The subscriber will then need to confirm that they do want to cancel the subscription and DAZN is likely to offer the option of pausing the subscription instead. With the pause option, subscribers have the choice of either pausing for exactly six months or choosing a specific date that the subscription resumes again. For those wanting to cancel and not pause, click on the Proceed To Cancel button at the bottom.

DAZN cancel pause subscription
Subscribers can pause a subscription instead of canceling

After clicking Proceed To Cancel, the subscriber will then need to click on Continue To Cancel and then on Finish Cancellation. At this point, the subscriber will need to enter their password and click on Confirm Cancellation to finally cancel the subscription.

DAZN says that it can take up to two hours for any account changes to take effect, but regardless of how long it does take, the subscription won’t actually be canceled straight away. Instead, subscribers will retain access to the service for the remainder of their current billing period. This date will vary between subscribers and depends on when they first signed up to the service. For example, annual plan subscribers might find that their subscription won’t officially end for quite a few months.

For those unsure of when their subscription is due to end, the exact date can be checked in the same Subscription section of the settings.

Canceling through the DAZN app

DAZN is available to watch on a variety of different platforms and devices by downloading the app. While these apps do open up access to everything the service has to offer, not all of the features and settings available through the website are also available through the apps. The option to cancel is a prime example.

If using the mobile app on an Android phone or iPhone, the option to cancel a subscription won’t be visible in the app. Technically, mobile user can access a My Account section by expanding the app menu. However, My Account simply launches the mobile browser and redirects the user to the DAZN website. They will then need to sign in if required, and then cancel the subscription as described above.

DAZN mobile app settings
DAZN mobile app settings

If primarily using the DAZN TV app, then the available options are even more limited as there is no ability to be redirected to the website. The TV app does come with a Settings section but this only offers access to Preferences, Exit App, and Sign Out. For reference, clicking on Sign Out will not cancel the subscription. Instead, TV DAZN app users need to visit the DAZN website on a browser-enabled device and then cancel the subscription as described above.

Canceling DAZN summary

The option to cancel a DAZN subscription can be found in the Subscription section of the settings menu when accessing the website. Although DAZN is available to download on different devices, the subscription can only really be canceled by visiting the website through a browser. Any apps that do contain a My Account section will still redirect the user to the website.

Once the subscription has been canceled, subscribers will still be able to access the service. How long the service remains available for depends on when the subscriber originally signed up to the service and whether they signed up to the monthly or annual plan. In the meantime, however, they won’t have to worry about the next monthly or annual DAZN subscription charge.

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