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How Much Is DirecTV Stream? Monthly Plan Prices Compared


DirecTV Stream savings deals

DirecTV Stream costs $69.99 per month but the actual price a subscriber will pay each month depends on the plan chosen and whether any add-ons are bundled with the subscription. Like many other live TV services, DirecTV Stream offers a variety of ways to expand the channel lineup, albeit at an additional cost each month. Unlike some of those other services, DirecTV Stream also offers more than one base plan to choose from.

The very cheapest plan DirecTV Stream offers is Entertainment. As the name suggests, this plan is primarily designed for homes looking to access popular entertainment channels. The standard Entertainment plan costs $69.99 per month and DirecTV Stream does occasionally offer discounts and promotions to lower the cost. These deals are usually only for a limited time and typically only reduce the cost for a certain number of months. After which, the subscriber is charged the usual $69.99 per month rate.

At $69.99 per month, DirecTV Stream is priced similar to other popular streaming services, albeit at the higher end. For example, fuboTV and Hulu Live TV both also cost a minimum of $69.99 per month, while YouTube TV is slightly cheaper at $64.99 per month. At the other end of the price spectrum, Sling TV costs a minimum of $34.99 per month, and a Philo subscription is priced at just $25 per month.

Cost p/m (minimum)ChannelsFree Trial
Hulu Live TV$69.9975+
Sling TV$3530/40+
YouTube TV$64.9985+
DirecTV Stream Entertainment comparison

DirecTV Stream offers more than one plan

Although it is not unusual for a live TV streaming service to offer more than one plan, not all of them do. For example, and excluding the Spanish Plan which is aimed at Spanish-speaking viewers, YouTube TV only offers one base plan for English-speaking homes. In contrast, DirecTV Stream offers four base plans for consumers to choose from and each one is priced differently to reflect the channels included with the subscription tier.

The Entertainment plan costs $69.99 per month, but subscribers can opt to upgrade to the Choice plan at $89.99 per month, the Ultimate plan at $104.99 per month, or go all-out with the Premier plan at $149.99 per month. Due to the varying tiers, the actual cost of DirecTV Stream is between $69.99 and $149.99 per month, depending on the plan. As to be expected, these plans differ in the channel lineups, with the number of channels increasing as the plans increase in price.

Price p/m$69.99$89.99$104.99$149.99
Free trial
DirecTV Stream plans

While Entertainment comes with more than 65 channels, Choice has more than 90, Ultimate has more than 130, and Premier comes with more than $140 channels. As importantly as the actual number of channels, these plans can differ in other meaningful ways. For example, while Choice, Ultimate and Premier do provide access to Regional Sports Networks, the cheapest Entertainment plan doesn’t. In this sense, the cost of DirecTV Stream with Regional Sports Networks is a minimum of $89.99 per month.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the $69.99 to $149.99 per month range is only for the base plans. DirecTV Stream does offer a number of additional add-ons and premium networks that can be bundled with any of these plans. These add-ons are all priced differently, with each one increasing the cost of DirecTV Stream. Adding multiple add-ons and networks could significantly increase the cost and may actually make one of the more expensive plans the better option. For example, the Premier plan comes with multiple premium networks that Entertainment subscribers have to pay for on top of the cost of the base subscription.

How much is DirecTV Stream summary

DirecTV Stream costs $69.99 per month but that’s only for the entry level Entertainment plan. In total, DirecTV Stream offers four base plans with the price ranging between $69.99 and $149.99, depending on the plan. As to be expected, the channel lineup is directly related to the price, making the $69.99 Entertainment plan not only the cheapest, but also the one with the fewest channels overall.

The $69.99-$149.98 monthly price is also only the base cost of DirecTV Stream. For households that want a richer experience, there is the option to bundle additional channels and premium networks with all of the base plans. Adding any of these will result in the monthly cost of DirecTV Stream increasing. How much the price increases will depend on which add-ons and premium networks are added, and how many of them are added.

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