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Here’s How Much DAZN Costs (And How To Sign Up)


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DAZN is a subscription streaming service with the price dependent on whether signing up on a monthly or annual basis. Regardless of whether opting for the monthly or yearly subscription, subscribers get access to the same live events, on-demand content, and the ability to add standalone pay-per-events. If only looking to watch one upcoming event, then the monthly subscription is likely to be the best option. However, for those looking to save over the course of a full year, the annual subscription is definitely the cheaper option.

There are plenty of streaming services available to choose from with some focusing on offering paid access to content and others looking to attract users by not actually charging a monthly subscription price. Besides the differences in cost, some services also look to specifically cater to a certain type of viewer. DAZN is one of those services as it is primarily focused on delivering streaming access to sports content. This not only includes access to live boxing events throughout the year, but also NFL and UEFA Champions League content, as well as PDC Darts and Snooker coverage.

The standard price of a monthly DAZN subscription is $19.99 for those based in the US. DAZN also operates in other countries and the price varies depending on the country. For example, those in Canada can expect to pay $24.99 per month. In addition, DAZN also offers an annual plan. Priced at $149.99 per year, the annual subscription results in a saving of $89.98 when compared to paying the $19.99 per month rate for 12 months. Another way of looking at the difference, the $149.99 annual cost breaks down to around $12.49 per month, a saving of $7.51 on the standard monthly price.

Compared to many other subscription services, DAZN is not exactly the cheapest. Furthermore, there are very few ways to reduce the cost. For example, DAZN does not currently offer a free trial, so there is no option to test out the service before having to pay for the first month (or year). Likewise, DAZN doesn’t seem to offer many deals or promotions, making the annual plan the best option for reducing the cost.

Signing up to DAZN

For those considering signing up to DAZN, the process is easy enough and just requires the consumer to head over to the DAZN website and click on the Sign Up Now button. At which point, they will be able to choose between the monthly or annual plan. If there also happens to be a high profile PPV event in the near future, DAZN might also show that as an optional add-on when choosing a plan.

Dazn signing up
DAZN sign-up process

After choosing a plan and clicking on the Get Started button, the soon-to-be subscriber will then need to create an account by providing their first and last name, email address, and setting up a password. Lastly, they will also need to provide a payment method which will immediately be charged for the first month/year payment.

DAZN currently accepts the following payment options:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Card)
  • PayPal
  • iTunes
  • Roku Pay
  • Google Play Billing
  • Amazon In App Payment

Alternatively, consumers can opt to sign up through one of the various platform apps. Like many other streaming services, DAZN can be downloaded on a number of smart TVs, streaming players and mobile devices. Providing the app is available to download on one of the devices in a consumer’s home (check here), they can simply open the app, click/tap on the Sign Up Now button, and follow the same steps mentioned above to create an account. Depending on the platform and device being used, the payment options available may be fewer than what’s listed above.

Regardless of whether creating an account via the website or through the app, once signed up, the subscriber can immediately start watching any of the available to stream content. It is worth keeping in mind that DAZN does offer access to select pay-per-view events throughout the year. As a result, not everything advertised in DAZN is going to be automatically available to watch with the base subscription. How much individual pay-per-view events cost depends on the event, but all additional events are listed with their individual add-on price so consumers can see the exact price before hitting the buy button.

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