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Hoopla Users Can Now ‘Borrow’ 7 Days Of Filmocracy For Free Through BingePass


Hoopla Filmocracy binge pass

Hoopla users now have the option of testing out Filmocracy’s Industry plan for free for 7 days. This offer has been made possible through BingePass, Hoopla’s program which lets library users ‘borrow’ content from partner companies and services for a limited time.

Filmocracy is a streaming service offering subscribers the ability to watch and attend film festivals from home, This is in addition to exclusive films, filmmaker Q&A’s and industry panels, as well as a rewards system that rewards users with Popcorn (the service’s virtual currency) for accurately reviewing content they’ve watch.

When it comes to Hoopla’s 7 free days, users get access to the Industry subscription. This is Filmocracy’s most expensive subscription and normally costs $29.99 a month. Taking advantage of Hoopla’s BingePass offer counts as a single ‘borrow’ from the library, making it a good way to check out what Filmocracy has to offer.

Our goal at hoopla is to provide libraries and their patrons with a wide array of engaging content, and we are thrilled to be working with Filmocracy to provide a unique range of independent films that most people would not otherwise be able to access,” said hoopla Digital founder Jeff Jankowski. “We launched BingePass to ensure the way library patrons consume content on hoopla meets the demand libraries are experiencing. Filmocracy’s access to festival content aligns perfectly with our dedication to providing library communities with a variety of diverse content.”

For those new to Hoopla in general, this is a streaming service that’s offered by participating public libraries. As a result, and in replace of a subscription fee, those interested in signing up will need access to a library card and account. Once signed up, users gain access to a collection of digital media (including audiobooks, comics, eBooks, movies, music, and television episodes) offered by their local library, as well as the option to access additional partner content for a limited time through BingePass.

Unlike traditional free trials, BingePass borrows are not limited to one time. In other words, once a borrow period has ended, the user can usually borrow the same BingePass again.

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