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HBO’s The Gilded Age Season 1, Episode 1 Is Now Free To Watch On YouTube


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If you’re looking for a new show to watch, and not currently signed up to Max, the first episode of season 1 of HBO’s The Gilded Age is currently free to watch on YouTube. Even though this is only one episode from a series, it is still a good way to see if the popular show is the right show for you.

The Gilded Age was released in early 2022 and focuses on a period when immense economic change was taking place, and huge fortunes were made and lost. The first episode, Never The New, tells the story of Marian Brook who travels to New York in 1882 to live with her aristocratic aunts after the death of her father.

Right now you can watch the whole 81-minute episode for free on YouTube.

For those that do enjoy the first episode of The Gilded Age, the rest of the season is available to stream on Max. While a subscription costs $9.99 a month with ads, ad-free subscribers pay between $15.99 and $19.99 a month, depending on whether they also want to watch available content in 4k.

For reference, Max appears to have made this first episode available for free ahead of the release of the new season. Just before all of November’s new movies, shows, and live sports arrive on Max, the first episode of The Gilded Age season 2 will be available to stream from October 29, with new episodes going live every Sunday after that.

As a general reminder, Max does make select episodes of some of its most popular shows available to to watch for free through its website and apps. For example, the pilot episodes of House of the Dragon, Industry, The Last Of Us, Somebody Somewhere, and The White Lotus are all currently free to watch without a paid subscription.

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