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Why HBO Max on YouTube TV Is Missing Shows & How to Watch Them


HBO Max YouTube TV

The YouTube TV app doesn’t include all of the content that’s available on HBO Max, but that doesn’t mean those who have subscribed to the HBO streaming service through YouTube TV can’t still watch all of the content. It’s more simply a matter of where to stream the missing shows rather than if they are available to watch.

YouTube TV is a great option for accessing live TV channels over the internet. While it is an expensive live TV service compared to others, it does come with a varied channel selection and enough additional features to make a subscription worthwhile. One of those additional features is the option to add premium networks.

Similar to the channel selection in general, YouTube TV offers subscribers the option to add a number of premium networks to their live TV package at an additional monthly cost, including HBO Max. Subscribing to HBO max in this way doesn’t necessarily make a subscription any cheaper, but subscribers can benefit in other ways, such as combined billing and the ability to use just a single app.

What YouTube TV’s HBO Max does offer

Technically, there is no difference between a HBO Max subscription from HBO Max or from YouTube TV. They are both priced at $14.99 per month and both provide access to the same catalog. The difference is, the YouTube TV app only provides access to content from the HBO brand.

In other words, the YouTube TV app can be used to access HBO live channels, as well as any HBO on demand content, including popular HBO shows. Essentially, anything that’s available with a standard HBO subscription is also available directly through the YouTube TV app as well. The problem is, HBO Max is not the same as the standard HBO. Instead, a HBO Max subscription provides access to the full HBO catalog as well as shows and movies from many of the brands under the WarnerMedia umbrella, such as Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, and Cartoon Network, among others.

This is all in addition to shows and movies that are specifically branded as HBO Max originals and exclusives. While this does make a HBO Max subscription much better value compared to a standard HBO subscription, it does complicate things when subscribing through a third-party service, as much of the additional non-standard HBO content might not be available through a third-party service like YouTube TV.

Watching all HBO Max content as a YouTube TV subscriber

Although a HBO Max subscription through YouTube TV only allows subscribers to watch standard HBO content through the live TV app, that doesn’t mean they don’t have access to the entire HBO Max catalog and experience.

YouTube TV subscribers that have added HBO Max to their package can watch everything HBO Max has to offer, but they will need to stream the shows and movies through the HBO Max website or app. Similar to how YouTube TV’s TV Everywhere support works for live TV channel apps and websites, subscribers can use their login information to access the HBO Max app or website.

Sign in to HBO Max using YouTube TV subscription:

  1. Download the HBO Max app
  2. Open HBO Max
  3. Click/tap on Sign In
  4. Select Sign in with a Provider.
  5. Find or Search for YouTube TV
  6. Sign in with the Google account linked to YouTube TV
  7. Click/tap on Allow

Once done, the YouTube TV subscriber will have access to the entire HBO Max catalog, including any shows and movies currently not available directly through the YouTube TV app. The one issue that some consumers may find is device support. Just like YouTube TV is only compatible with select devices, so is HBO Max and the list of supported devices is not going to be identical. As long as the devices used to access YouTube TV are also HBO Max supported devices, then the subscriber will be able to stream everything HBO Max has to offer, and at no additional cost.

YouTube TV HBO Max summary

YouTube TV subscribers can add HBO Max to their live TV streaming package and take advantage of the benefits, including combined billing and access to the additional shows and movies through the YouTube TV app. However, only HBO live channels and on demand content is available directly through YouTube TV.

For those subscribers that want to access the entire HBO Max catalog, they will need to first download the HBO Max app on a supported device and then sign in with their YouTube TV email address and password.

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  1. I have HBO Max through my youtubetv. I also have a free xfinity flex box. When I try to sign in to HBO max channel on the xfinity flex box, it does not recognize my subscription through YouTube tv. Is there a workaround this?

  2. It is insane that I can’t get regular HBO on youtubetv. What is the problem and why is it listed as an option when one can get it only via HBOMAX and then I can not get regular HBO streams I got at Amazon Prime. And why do neithe youtubetv nor HBOMax have a chat or individual response function.

  3. Yep! A money grab…you no longer have access to the live hbo channels when you subscribe to hbo max. Everything is on demand. Looks like the only way to get both is to subscribe to both the live channels and hbo max….for $28 ?! Nope! Not gonna happen! Will take advantage of the 50% off for 6 month deal and if it goes back up to $14.99 for just hbo max, I’ll be waving bye bye as well!

  4. Unsatisfied Avatar

    Yeah this doesn’t rework anymore, HBO going for the money grab we cancelled your service bug bye

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