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HBO Max On YouTube TV: How Much Does It Cost & Is It Cheaper?


YouTube TV HBO Max

Subscribing to HBO Max through YouTube TV is not any cheaper although some subscribers may benefit from a discount if paying for select other services as well. Besides the price, there are other benefits to bundling the two subscriptions together. At the same time, there are reasons to consider subscribing separately to the two services. For example, signing up to HBO Max through YouTube TV could actually end up being more expensive for some individuals and households.

HBO Max took over from HBO in 2020. With no increase in the price, the standard subscription costs $14.99 per month. Those that are happy to view ads while watching also have the option of signing up to a $9.99 per month plan. Regardless of whether going with the ad-supported or ad-free version, subscribers get access to everything HBO and HBO Max have to offer.

YouTube TV allows subscribers to bundle additional services with its live TV plan. As to be expected, these additional subscriptions add to the monthly cost and HBO Max is one of the options available. The cost of subscribing to HBO Max through YouTube TV is $14.99 per month, making it no cheaper nor more expensive than signing up to HBO Max directly. However, unlike when signing up through HBO Max, YouTube TV does also open up the option of watching the live linear HBO channels as well. In total, HBO Max through YouTube TV provides access to eight HBO channels in addition to the HBO and HBO Max on-demand content that’s available.

You could save on HBO Max (or pay more)

Although HBO Max is priced exactly the same whether subscribing through YouTube TV or directly, there are some use cases where a subscribe may save money. Specifically, YouTube TV also offers an Entertainment Plus add-on which bundles together HBO Max, Showtime and Starz. The cost of this package add-on is $29.99 per month which works out to be $5 cheaper than subscribing to all three services separately. For homes that are already subscribed to Showtime and Starz, and at their normal combined price of $20, it might be worth considering YouTube TV’s Entertainment Plus for access to HBO Max. Essentially, it will provide access to both of these services as well as the $14.99 per month HBO Max plan for an additional $10 per month on top of the price they are currently paying for Showtime and Starz.

At the same time, it is possible that many consumers will actually end up paying more for HBO Max when subscribing through YouTube TV. The reason for this is the ad-supported version. While YouTube TV does allow subscribers to bundle the ad-free version to their live TV plan, that’s the only option available. If happy to watch ads, consumers can save $5 per month by signing up to the $9.99 per month ad-supported plan directly through HBO Max.

Another factor which may or may not impact on the decision is the availability of a free trial. When signing up through the HBO Max website, there is currently no option to try the service out before paying. However, if signing up through YouTube TV, subscribers can take advantage of a seven-day HBO Max free trial. In theory, there is nothing stopping consumers from taking advantage of the free period and then deciding whether to pay through YouTube TV or HBO Max. However, they will need to make that decision and remove the add-on before the free trial ends if they don’t want to remained subscribed to HBO Max through YouTube TV.

HBO Max on YouTube TV summary

Subscribing to HBO Max through YouTube TV costs $14.99 per month which is the exact same cost as subscribing to HBO Max directly. However, YouTube TV does also offer a $29.99 per month Entertainment Plus add-on which bundles together HBO Max, Showtime and Starz. If a household plans to subscribe to all three of these services at the same time, then subscribing through YouTube TV may result in a lower monthly cost overall. YouTube TV does also offer a 7-day HBO Max free trial, something that’s unavailable when signing up directly through HBO Max.

However, YouTube TV only offers subscribers the option to sign up to the ad-supported plan. HBO Max also has an ad-free tier which brings the cost down to just $9.99 per month, potentially even lower if signing up to an annual plan. If only subscribing to HBO Max, and happy to watch commercials, then YouTube TV subscribers are likely to save more each month by not bundling HBO Max with their live TV plan.

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2 responses to “HBO Max On YouTube TV: How Much Does It Cost & Is It Cheaper?”

  1. If I already have the ad free HBO Max Subscription AND I have the YouTube TV Base Plan (both purchased separately), how do I get the HBO Max onto the YouTube TV? Will I be charged twice for the HBO Max (my current subscription paid annually AND the monthly charge on YouTube TV)?

    1. Hi Allison,

      You can’t access HBO Max through YouTube TV if the two subscriptions are separate. You would need to cancel the existing subscription and re-subscribe through YouTube TV.

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