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No HBO Max Student Discount, But There Are Other Ways To Save


HBO Max Savings

HBO Max doesn’t offer a student discount and it currently remains to be seen if that’s likely to change anytime soon. While a student discount would be a good way to save on the cost, HBO Max does offer additional deals and promotions that can help to reduce the monthly subscription price. Some of these may require precise timing, while others can be taken advantage of at any time.

HBO did previously offer a student discount providing eligible students with the option to pay just $9.99 per month, but the non-Max version of HBO has since stopped offering this promotion. If already signed up to the HBO student discount, subscribers can continue to renew each month at the same lower price. If the subscription is canceled, however, there is no option to renew at the student rate again.

Similar to HBO, the HBO Max service also does not offer the ability to save with a student discount. As a result, any students considering signing up to HBO Max will be required to pay the same $14.99 per month rate as everybody else. Of course, HBO Max does now also offer an ad-supported plan and this subscription is priced at just $9.99 per month. Even though it is a ‘with ads’ plan, it is the same price as what HBO was previously offering as a student discount rate.

Other ways to save on HBO Max

For any students looking to save on the cost of HBO Max, one of the best options is likely to be an annual plan. The HBO Max annual plans reduce the cost of a subscription by 16 percent on average. The ad-free plan costs $149.99 per year, resulting in an average monthly cost of $12.49. If opting for the cheaper, ad-supported plan, the annual subscription costs $99.99 per year, resulting in an average monthly price of $8.33.

Besides the annual plan, there are also various promotions and deals that services like HBO Max offer routinely throughout the year. For example, in January 2022, a HBO Max promotion made it possible to sign up for as little as $7.99 per month. Even though these deals and promotions are typically only available for a limited time they can be a good way to save on the cost without having to pay for a full year in advance. As the previous $7.99 deal also highlights, the price can often be even lower than signing up for an annual plan. At the same time, HBO Max has previously offered additional discounts on the annual plan, which when combined with the already discounted price of a yearly subscription, can result in a much lower average monthly price overall.

Another possible way to save on the cost is by taking advantage of a deal or promotion that includes HBO Max. For example, it is actually possible to get HBO Max completely for free if signed up to an eligible AT&T unlimited wireless plan. Existing AT&T wireless customers need to check their account to see if they are eligible. Providing they are on an eligible plan, the free HBO Max can be enabled through the consumer’s AT&T account.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that HBO Max does technically offer a free tier. To be clear, this is an extremely limited option as it only allows consumers to view sample episodes of select HBO Originals and HBO Max Originals. Still, it is a way to watch some HBO Max without having to pay anything at all. To watch any of the free content, head over to the HBO Max website or download the HBO Max app on a supported device, pick an episode to watch and hit play. Not only is there no need to sign up or have an account to watch any of the free episodes, but new free episodes are added each month.

HBO Max student discount summary

Although HBO previously offered a student discount, neither HBO nor HBO Max offer one today. Any students looking to save on the cost of the $9.99 or $14.99 plan will want to consider an alternative discount or promotion, such as an annual HBO Max plan. A yearly subscription reduces the cost of either the ad-free or ad-supported plan by 16 percent when compared to paying the standard monthly rate for a full year.

If looking to only subscribe on a monthly basis and save on the cost, then the best option is to wait for the next limited-time promotion to come along. These deals are routinely offered throughout the year and can often result in big savings on the cost of a subscription. In the meantime, HBO Max does allow consumers to watch select episodes for free and without the need to create an account.

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