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HBO Max Profiles: How Many You Can Have & Creating New Ones


HBO Max multiple profiles

HBO Max subscribers can create a maximum of five profiles. As this number includes their own, an HBO Max subscriber can actually only add an additional four profiles to their account. Making use of these additional profiles can help to keep everything nice and neat, and especially in busier households where multiple people are using the same HBO Max account.

HBO Max can be a good addition to a home’s streaming service setup. The service brings together a variety of movies and shows from popular franchises as well as various exclusives as well. A standard HBO Max subscription costs $14.99 per month, but there is the option to save by signing up to a monthly ad-supported version which brings the cost down to $9.99 per month. Alternatively, there’s also the option to sign up to an annual plan which brings the cost down to either $99.99 or $149.99 per year, depending on whether the ad-free or ad-supported plan is selected.

Regardless of the plan, HBO Max allows the creation of five different profiles, making it easy enough to share a single subscription with other people. With more than one profile created, different users can easily switch between the profiles to access a more custom experience. How to switch between profiles depends on the device being used, but typically involves clicking on the profile icon (either in the upper-left corner or the bar at the bottom), and then clicking/tapping on the ‘Switch Profiles’ button. The user can then select between any of the already created profiles, or set up a new one entirely.

Setting up a new HBO Max profile

As mentioned, the option to create a new profile can be found by clicking on the current profile and then on the “+” icon. However, there are a few points to be aware of before setting up a new one. Firstly, there are two different types of profiles available —Adult and Kid— and the user will want to select the one that best suits the needs of the additional account.

The major difference between the two profile types is that the Kid option is designed to limit the content that’s available to watch. Due to this, a PIN code is required. If one is already set up for HBO Max then the user will be asked to enter it when creating the Kid profile. If not, they will need to create one before continuing to set the profile up. The creation of a Kid profile will also typically require the user to add a birth date (month and year) to further help determine which videos are available. In contrast, the creation of an Adult profile won’t require a PIN or a birth date.

Once the profile type has been selected, what happens next will depend on the device being used. If using a smart TV or computer app, or accessing the HBO Max website via a browser, the user will simply be asked to add a name and choose a color. Different colors are used as an additional way to help differentiate between the profiles. If setting up on a camera-enable device, such as a smartphone, the user will be given the option to upload a photo to use as the profile picture. Alternatively, they can choose between any of the available character profile images. If setting up on a TV or computer and wanting to upload an image, the profile can be created as normal and then the photo can be uploaded by editing the profile on a smartphone at a later time.

The user can then click/tap on the Save button to finish and create the additional profile. Again, if creating a Kid profile, the user may need to make some additional choices, such as selecting the content ratings that the account can access. Once all done, and more than one profile is in use, HBO Max will always ask ‘who is watching’ when the app is opened to allow the viewer to select the right account. There are some exceptions here, however. If a Kid profile was last used to access the app, the system will default to that profile again. Likewise, if watching on a smartphone app, HBO Max will assume the user is the same person who always uses the phone and will open to the previously used profile.

HBO Max profiles summary

HBO Max subscribers can share their account with others and even create up to five different profiles to help distinguish between the different users. These five profiles can be a mixture of Adult and Kid profiles, with each type designed to offer a different level of access. In particular, the Kid profile limits access while Adult profiles are typically provided with unrestricted access. A Kid profile will also require the use of a PIN while an Adult profile won’t.

Setting up and switching between multiple profiles is fairly easy to do, although the process does vary slightly depending on the device being used. If using a smartphone, then photos can also be uploaded to profiles for further customization. The profile menu will also act slightly differently depending on the device. For example, on devices commonly used by multiple people, such as smart TVs, the viewer will always need to select a profile when launching the app. On smartphones and other devices typically used by one person, the HBO Max app will automatically default to the last-used profile.

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