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Want HBO Max for Just $11.99 per Month? Pre-Order Now


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HBO Max is due to start streaming on May 27 and ahead of that date, AT&T and WarnerMedia are offering the option to pre-order a subscription for just $11.99 per month.

When HBO Max goes live, it will be priced at $14.99 per month. That’s the same price as a standard HBO subscription with the company hoping its existing subscriber base will immediately switch over, considering they are getting so much more content at no additional cost.

However, that doesn’t help with new subscribers and especially during a period where although more people are streaming, they might be less keen on paying for a new subscription. To combat this, and incentivize non-HBO subscribers, AT&T and WarnerMedia are now offering the option to sign up in advance, at a discounted rate.

Those who decide to subscribe to HBO Max now can lock in the $11.99 per month price. According to the HBO Max website, the lower price will remain in effect for the first twelve months of the service. In addition, as this is an immediate subscription, those subscribers will gain access to the standard HBO package up until HBO Max goes live on May 27.

HBO Max $11.99 deal caveats

As is often the case, there are some caveats that interested subscribers will want to be aware of before signing up. The first is that AT&T and WarnerMedia are not offering a free trial in conjunction with the discounted price. HBO typically offers a seven-day free trial and it is likely HBO Max will once it goes live, but those who sign up through this deal will be billed immediately and have their paid subscription automatically start.

Another caveat is that the deal is only available to new subscribers or “returning eligible HBO NOW subscribers.” As a result, any current HBO subscribers won’t be able to lock in the cheaper rates. Likewise, cancellation and trying to restart again might not prove worthwhile. This also likely means that any users who get HBO through a third-party service – for example, Hulu Live TV or Amazon – also won’t be able to take advantage of the deal.

A last, but to be expected caveat is that the price is only good for the first twelve months of service. After which, the monthly cost will revert to the standard $14.99 per month.

The pre-order deal went live on April 30 and will remain available up until May 27 at 2:59 am ET. Although the small print does also state that only “a limited number of subscriptions” are available at the discounted rate. Therefore, the deal could end sooner than stated.

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