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HBO Max Now Available to Download on PS5



HBO Max is now available to download on PS5, providing subscribers with another option to stream shows and movies. The Sony PlayStation 5 only recently became available to buy and, as a result, support for streaming services remains severely limited compared to other popular players and devices.

HBO Max is one of the more expensive standalone streaming services, priced at $14.99 per month. However, in spite of the price it has proven to be a hit, thanks to a collection of content that includes HBO originals, as well as titles from other popular brands, such as Warner Bros., DC, Cartoon Network, and more. Since launching in May, HBO Max has taken its time in expanding device support, although when it comes to the new PlayStation 5, it has reacted faster than many others, and especially live TV streaming services.

WarnerMedia has confirmed that HBO Max is now available to download on the PlayStation 5. The timing of the announcement is not a coincidence with the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie hitting HBO Max on Christmas Day, the same time it arrives in theaters. Furthermore, WarnerMedia had also previously confirmed that all of the upcoming 2021 Warner Bros. movie releases will also be available for free on HBO Max at the same time as their theatrical release. This adds quite the incentive for new PlayStation 5 owners to sign up, if they haven’t already.

For those interested in streaming HBO Max on a PlayStation 5, the easiest option is to simply open the PlayStation Store app on the games console, search for “HBO Max” and download the app directly on the device. Alternatively, they can head over to the PlayStation Store website, sign in, and then send the HBO Max app to their device. Regardless of route, once downloaded it is then simply a matter of launching the app and signing in with HBO Max login details to start streaming movies and shows.

PlayStation 5’s live TV problem

In spite of how many consumers are now accessing live TV content over the internet, the availability of live TV streaming apps on the PlayStation 5 remains limited. As of right, Hulu is the only app that is actively available to download. YouTube TV has confirmed that it is in the process of readying its app, although that’s not expected to arrive until early 2021.

As for the other live TV streaming services, there’s been no firm word on when, or even if, they will add Sony’s PlayStation 5 to their supported devices lists.

Source: WarnerMedia

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