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HBO Max Subscribers Can Now Upload Their Own Profile Photos


HBO Max Profiles

HBO Max subscribers can now customize their streaming experience a little more thanks to the ability to upload their own images to use as profile pictures. HBO Max has proven to be a popular streaming service in 2021 with the option to watch new movies the same time they release in theaters. While not quite as beneficial, the new profile feature will offer an additional way to freshen up and personalize an account.

HBO Max launched in the first half of 2020. At $14.99 per month, it is a somewhat expensive subscription when compared to many of the other streaming services that have launched over the last year. However, it is expected HBO Max will launch an ad-supported plan in the coming months, reducing the cost of the subscription for some subscribers. In the meantime, the value on offer is bolstered through the availability of theatrical release movies.

HBO Max has now confirmed the launch of the ability to customize a profile photo by either choosing from an existing character image or by uploading a photo from a device for an even more personalized profile. The latter of which marks a first for a streaming service. While Disney+ also allows users to choose from a selection of popular character images, no streaming service offers the option to upload a personal photo for use as profile icons.

Although just announced, the feature is already live and ready to use. HBO Max says that it may take up until March 26 for the feature to show up on all compatible devices, but subscribers can speed up the process by making sure they are running the latest version of the HBO Max app.

Uploading a personal photo

Once the app has been updated to the latest version, the option to upload a photo can be found in the settings menu. Simply open the app, tap on the profile icon and then on Switch Profiles. From here, the subscriber will then need to tap on the Manage Profiles button beneath the profile names before selecting the profile image to be edited.

Once on the correct profile, the user can simply tap on the profile icon which will open a separate menu with the options to either Take a Photo, Upload from Device or Choose a Character. Naturally, tap on Upload to use an existing photo on the device or use the Take a Photo option to take a new image using the device’s camera. Once selected, the user will then need to confirm the right photo before the profile image change takes effect.

At present, the new feature is only accessible from a supported tablet or mobile device, such as a smartphone. However, once the HBO Max profile picture has been changed on one of these devices, it will be visible on all devices linked to the same account.

Source: WarnerMedia

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