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New Episodes On HBO Max: How To Check When They Are Released


HBO Original Series Shows

An HBO Max subscription unlocks access to a wide selection of content including HBO and HBO Max originals. Unlike most of the other shows that are added to the HBO Max library over the course of the year, episodes of newer HBO and HBO Max exclusives are typically released on a weekly basis. When exactly, depends on the individual show.

New episodes of HBO Max Originals are easy enough to figure out as the day and time of the next episode is typically shown in the HBO Max app on the series page. With HBO Originals, however, things can be a little more confusing. House of the Dragon is a prime example of a typical HBO Original. The first episode aired on August 21, 2022, and a new episode was made available each week after then. There are also HBO Original shows like Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel where new episodes are released regularly but not necessarily on a weekly basis.

Using these two examples, it is clear that when it comes to HBO Originals, new episodes are not released on the same date or even at the same rate, which can make figuring out when a new episode is going to be released all the more harder. That said, as long as someone knows the name of the show, it is possible to find out when the next episode will become available.

Release dates are listed on the HBO website

Most new episodes of HBO Original shows become available to watch via HBO Max at the same time they are shown live on the HBO linear channel. The easiest way to check exactly when the next episode is due to become available is via the HBO website. Users can click on the Schedule tab to see the live schedule for the coming weeks, look for the show they are interested in watching, and then check the time it is due to be shown live.

A slightly easier way is to simply search the HBO website for the specific show. For example, if it is a newer and high profile show, then it will likely be displayed on the homepage of the website. More to the point, it will be listed on the homepage with the exact day and time the next episode will be shown. As an example, the HBO website confirms that new House of the Dragon episodes become available on Sundays at 9pm ET and new Los Espookys episodes are shown on Fridays at 11pm ET.

HBO Max new episodes release time
HBO lists when new episodes are releasing

For shows that are not currently being actively displayed on the homepage, a little more digging will be required. The website doesn’t really have a Search function in the traditional sense so households will need to navigate the genres to find the show. This can be done by clicking on Series and then on one of the genres from the Genres drop-down menu. It is then just a matter of scrolling down to the specific show and checking the listing.

As an example of the process, after clicking on Drama Series (in the Genres drop-down menu), scrolling down and clicking on House of the Dragon, the HBO website confirms that new episodes will be available to watch Sundays at 9pm ET.

House of the Dragon new episodes
You may have to search for the HBO series

It is worth being aware that live shows and events are a little different and are not typically available at the same time they are available on HBO. That is unless they are also being shown live on HBO Max at the same time. Instead, these videos usually become available within 24 hours of the original broadcast. This also includes some shows that are filmed with a live studio audience even if they are not broadcast live at the time.

For example, while new episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are shown on Sundays at 8pm ET, they are not usually available to stream via HBO Max until 2am ET. Likewise, while new episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher are broadcast on Fridays at 7pm ET, they don’t typically become available to watch on HBO Max any earlier than Saturday at 7am ET.

In short, if an episode is not available to stream on HBO Max at the same time it is being shown for the first time on one of the HBO linear channels, it may take up to 24 hours for it to become available to watch on demand.

HBO Max new episodes: summary

Most shows and series are available to watch on HBO Max in their entirety, and the HBO Max app can also be checked to see when new HBO Max Originals episodes are set to be released. While the app doesn’t tend to advise as to when a new HBO Original episode will become available to watch, the HBO website does.

Generally speaking, most new HBO episodes go live on HBO Max at the same time they are shown live on the linear channel. To find out when this is, users can search the website for the specific series by name, or check the Schedule section to view the live TV guide. If an episode is not available to watch at the same time it is shown on HBO linear channels, it could take up to 24 hours to become available on HBO Max.

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