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Google TV Android App Gains YouTube TV, fuboTV & Philo Recommendations


Google TV android update

The Google TV app for Android is now in the process of receiving an update that adds more streaming service support, including YouTube TV, fuboTV and Philo. In addition, the app update also looks to improve recommendations in general, while also adding more of a cinematic look and feel to the interface. Over the past few months, Google TV has been expanding and improving as it constantly shifts away from its Android TV roots.

Android TV was Google’s previous main attempt at a TV-optimized platform. More recently, Google launched the latest Chromecast model which runs on Google TV – a newer and more content-centric platform. Since then, the Android TV interface has been routinely receiving updates that bring it more in line with the look and feel of Google TV.

On Android, Google previously delivered movie and TV shows via its Google Play Movies & TV app. However, with the wider launch of Google TV, the Android app was rebranded as Google TV. In the latest update, the Android companion app is learning further on the Google TV platform and improving support for some of the most popular live TV streaming services in the process.

When using the mobile app, consumers are able to select a variety of services from a limited list to help personalize the experience on a smartphone, tablet, and TV. Via the mobile app, that list was previously limited to non-live subscription services, such as HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock and so on. Now, the latest update will make it possible to personalize the smartphone experience by choosing from the likes of YouTube TV, fuboTV and Philo.

Google says the update is starting to roll out to devices this week, so it may take some time for it to arrive on an individual device. However, once live, the user will be able to tap on their profile icon, select “Manage Services” and then add either YouTube TV, fuboTV or Philo and have the interface recommend on demand content from their preferred live TV streaming service.

Besides the newly added live TV service support, the update will also add support for more non-live streaming services, including Discovery+, Viki, and Cartoon Network, among others. This is also in addition to more rows of personalized content and topic recommendations, while shows and movies will now come with 16:9 widescreen posters and Rotten Tomatoes scores. All of which Google says is designed to result in “a fresh and helpful experience” for the Android app user.

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