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Google Targets Google TV Advertisers With New Ad Network


Live TV Channels on Google TV

Google TV users already encounter ads when consuming any of the content available through the platform’s FAST experience. Google has now launched a new ‘Google TV network’ to further attract advertisers to the platform.

While the new network might not affect viewers in terms of the frequency or duration of ads, where users might see some change in the future is in the type of ads they encounter. In addition to the non-skippable and 6-second bumpers ads that are already available, Google says “stay tuned for even more ad formats in the future.” What that means exactly remains unclear, but it does seem to indicate that new ad formats are already in development.

New ad formats in general is something we have been seeing a lot of lately, and those other deployments may provide some insight into possible ad formats that could be coming to Google TV. For example, Frame Ads is a format that has become particularly common, and especially in terms of live sports and events, as it removes the need to interrupt the viewing experience.

Some of the other ad types that are currently being embraced by major streaming services and platforms, including both Fubo and Prime video, are interactive ads (ads that include calls to action or other interactive elements) and pause ads (ads that are shown on the screen while content is paused).

Again, it remains unclear right now whether Google plans to utilize any of these specific ad formats, but it won’t be surprising if these, or very similar types, eventually make their way to the platform.

For advertisers now considering getting more involved, the new Google TV network is available through Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360, and Google has made getting started as easy as selecting ‘Google TV‘ when setting up a new video campaign.

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