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Google’s Black Friday Sale Drops Chromecast With Google TV Prices Down To $20


Chromecast with Google TV HD with case

Google’s Black Friday 2023 deals are now live and bring the cost of Chromecast with Google TV players down to as low as $20, making now a good time to consider picking up Google’s streaming player. With Google now offering discounts on both the HD and 4K versions, consumers can save while picking the model that best suits their streaming needs and budget.

For those simply looking for the cheapest option possible, the Chromecast with Google TV HD is the one to consider. Normally priced at $29.99, Google has now dropped the price of the HD model down to just $19.99, resulting in a discount of $10. If 4K is a priority, the Chromecast with Google TV 4K is currently down to just $37.99. Considering this model normally costs $49.99, Google is offering a saving of $12 as part of its Black Friday sale.

In addition to the price and the resolution, another notable difference between the HD and 4K models is the color options. While the Chromecast with Google HD is only available in Snow, the Chromecast with Google 4K can be picked up in either Snow, Sunrise, or Sky colors.

According to the Google Store, these discounted prices are set to remain available through November 27 (Cyber Monday).

If you would prefer to buy from a different retailer, it looks like many of the most popular retailers have also now dropped the price of the Chromecast with Google HD and Chromecast with Google 4K to match the Google Store’s Black Friday sale prices.

Chromecast HD
Best Buy$19.99
Chromecast 4K
Best Buy$37.99

Regardless of which model and color you opt for, you can expect access to the same Google TV experience, including access to a number of free live channels, the Google Play Store, and much more.

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