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Get A 1-Month MLS Season Pass Free Trial, Thanks To Apple And Lionel Messi


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MLS Season Pass row in the Apple TV app

New subscribers can redeem a one-month free trial to MLS Season Pass by signing up through the link on Lionel Messi’s Instagram. MLS Season Pass offers access to every game, including playoffs, with no blackouts.

While Apple makes some games available for free to Apple TV users during the season, there is no standard free trial available for MLS Season Pass. Instead, subscribers are expected to sign up for a subscription, which costs $14.99 a month or $99 for the season. If already an Apple TV+ subscriber, MLS Season Pass costs $12.99 a month or $79 a season.

Regardless of whether an Apple TV+ subscriber, everyone now has the opportunity to sign up and test MLS Season Pass out for free for an entire month. While the extended free trial was announced by Messi in an Instagram post, the actual link is available on Messi’s profile page.

Once clicked, the user will be redirected to an Apple landing page where they can redeem the one-month free trial by clicking on Accept Now. The user will then need to sign up for an Apple ID or sign in with an existing Apple ID. If creating a new Apple account, a payment method needs to be added during the sign-up process and before redeeming the offer.

As this promotion is aimed at new subscribers, the free month cannot be redeemed by anyone already subscribed to MLS Season Pass. As for new subscribers, they only have up until April 5 to claim the extended free trial offer.

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