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Get 6 Months Of Starz For Just $20 (Or 1 Year For $45)


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If you’ve been considering giving Starz a try, there are a couple of deals right now that can help save on the cost, including six months for $20 and a full year for $45. While both of these deals require the full amount to be paid in advance, they are cheaper than paying monthly for a subscription over the same period of time.

After the last price increase, the cost of a Starz subscription increased to $9.99 a month. That’s $59.94 over six months and $119.88 over twelve months. Generally speaking, Starz tends to offer all new subscribers a discount when signing up, so it is usually possible to save on the first few months. Right now, for example, the Starz website is offering new subscribers the option to get three months at just $3 a month.

For those wanting a better deal, the Starz semi-annual plan recently dropped in price to just $20. This deal breaks down to $3.33 a month, and even though that’s slightly higher than the $3 monthly offer, it will work out cheaper for those that plan on remaining a subscriber for longer than four months.

If remaining subscribed to Starz for an entire year sounds more appealing, it is also possible to sign up and pay just $45 for 12 months. This deal breaks down to around $3.75 a month on average, and is around $25 cheaper than the standard annual plan cost. While higher than the current monthly and semi-annual offers, this deal will work out cheaper for those that plan to remain subscribed to Starz for at least nine months.

Regardless of whether signing up for the monthly, semi-annual or annual deal, subscriptions will automatically renew at the usual, higher rate at the end of the discounted period. As a result, some subscribers may want to set a reminder to cancel the subscription before the end of the last discounted month.

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