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fuboTV’s New Live TV Plan Is Designed For Ultimate TV Fans


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fuboTV is now offering a new Ultimate plan, although it is not currently available to everyone. fuboTV remains one of a few options for streaming live TV channels over the internet and is a service that has routinely trialed different pricing tiers and strategies. The new fuboTV Ultimate plan is the latest and looks to offer more than what Elite does, but also at a higher price each month.

Over the years, fuboTV has adjusted its plans and the channels that are included with each one. This continual adjusting had resulted in the most recent options being the fubo Pro and Elite plans, priced at $69.99 and $79.99 per month, respectively. The two plans are largely very similar with one of the most important differences being that the Elite plan also includes fubo Extra. Although this is an add-on that can also be bundled with the base fuboTV plan, it does greatly increase the number of channels available with the Elite plan.

Now fuboTV is in the process of making available a new Ultimate plan for consumers to consider. According to fuboTV, the new Ultimate plan is designed to be its “most complete plan for the ultimate TV fan.” Essentially, the new plan brings together everything that’s included with the Elite plan, but also adds Sports Plus (26 channels including NFL RedZone) and Showtime to the mix as well, resulting in a package that’s listed to offer more than 200 channels in total. However, it is not exactly a cheap live TV subscription considering the Ultimate plan is priced at $99.99 per month. According to fuboTV, the bundled plan results in a saving of around $26 per month.

fuboTV’s $99.99 ultimate plan includes the following:

  • fubo base plan
  • fubo Extra
  • News Plus
  • Sports Plus
  • Showtime
  • Family Share
  • Unlimited Screens

For reference, the Ultimate plan has yet to become available to everyone and is currently listed as only available to select first-time customers. As a result, those visiting the fuboTV website to sign up might see the Ultimate plan as an option, while others might only be given the choice between the existing Pro and Elite plans. That’s for new subscribers anyway.

Existing fuboTV subscribers can easily switch to the Ultimate plan by upgrading their subscription through the My Account section of the settings. In addition, anyone who has previously been a fuboTV subscriber in the past will be able to choose the Ultimate plan when reactivating their subscription.

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  1. Can we watch NHL? International soccer? Dutch soccer leage?

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