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Does fuboTV Have TNT? No, But That Could Change


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fuboTV doesn’t carry the TNT channel and while it remains to be seen if that will change in the future, it is a possibility. Although fuboTV is a competitively priced live TV streaming service, it is missing a number of channels that are available through other services. At the same time, it also includes various channels that other live TV services are missing. However, channel lineups are always evolving, resulting in various changes each year.

Along with CNN, HLN, and TBS, among others, TNT is one of the many Turner channels. In most cases, if one of the Turner channels is available with a particular live TV plan, many of the others are likely to be as well. By the same token, if a live TV streaming service doesn’t offer one of these channels, it doesn’t tend to offer the others either.

That’s exactly the case now with fuboTV. Although the service does include a varied channel lineup, TNT is not available to watch with any of fuboTV’s current plans. In fact, none of the Turner-owned channels are available through fuboTV. Even if opting to pay for one of the many add-ons that are available, fuboTV still won’t be a way for consumers to watch TNT.

Will fuboTV get TNT in the future?

While it is not uncommon for a live TV streaming service to add channels to its lineup, it remains to be seen if fuboTV will add TNT in the future. The reason for this is that the service did previously carry TNT. Back in 2020, fuboTV dropped Turner networks after being unable to strike a new carriage deal. This not only resulted in the loss of TNT, but also Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, and truTV, among others.

Again, while this doesn’t mean that fuboTV won’t add them back again, re-adding channels is usually a more uncommon scenario than a service adding channels that it hasn’t carried before. At the same time, recent changes in the world of streaming may actually help to make the return of Turner networks to fuboTV more of a possibility.

When the Turner networks were dropped by fuboTV, they were under the wider WarnerMedia umbrella. Since then, WarnerMedia and Discovery have merged and are now operating jointly as Warner Bros. Discovery. The reason this is relevant is that fuboTV does provide access to various Discovery-owned channels. With the previous two companies now one, it is possible that any future deal could include both Discovery and Turner channels, including TNT. Of course, this could also mean fuboTV loses the various Discovery channels if a new deal can’t be agreed, so only time will tell how exactly the fuboTV channel lineup will evolve in the future.

fuboTV and TNT summary

fuboTV doesn’t offer TNT with any of its live TV plans. While the live TV streaming service did previously provide access to TNT, the channel was dropped back in 2020 along with various other Turner channels. Since then, TNT has remained unavailable as a channel bundled with a plan and through the various fuboTV add-ons.

While dropped channels don’t tend to make their way back into a live TV streaming service’s lineup, stranger things have happened. Not to mention, the recent joining for forces between WarnerMedia and Discovery opens up the possibility for a future deal between Warner Bros. Discovery and fuboTV that includes TNT.

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34 responses to “Does fuboTV Have TNT? No, But That Could Change”

  1. I got it because of regional sports you know so I could see all my teams on local channel like you know like your basketball hockey baseball on regional sports I’m glad they have that but yes, I wish they could bring TBS TNT back and the other channels, and they should put Like the boomerang and all that back in the lineup I don’t care make a deal you want because I do not like the other ones I don’t like Hula I do not like U2 TV I don’t like any of them because this one carries more the sports you know I mean there’s some missing, but I hope they can make a deal and bring them back Ford fan but right now this one has more the better sports than the other ones but they met they better make a deal and break the other ones back so the customers don’t get upset or any issues or they need to solve the problem and they better make a if they really want customers to stay I mean I enjoy it but burger better Fubo tv

  2. Please get TNT channel back on fuboTV!!

  3.  Avatar

    Please get tnt channel added to fuboTV

  4. Please add TNT for NHL hockey games I will pay more!!!

  5. please add tnt missing alot of sports. would hate to leave fubo

  6. I just signed up for FUBU three weeks ago and only found out last weekend that they don’t have TNT or TBS and I miss missing my hockey which I signed up for FUBU four if you don’t get it back I will be changing to another service thank you

  7. only thing stopping me from switching to fubo from YouTube TV is no tnt,tbs,etc. Get it done fubo and I’ll come over

    1. Same here. Only thing keeping me from Fubo is TNT and related channels.

  8. Get TNT back on

  9. you need to add TNT and TBS to your channel lineup.

  10. I understand how I can’t watch nba on TNT College basketball it suck we all going miss NHL to playoffs come how we going watch game it suck bring TNT network back like AEW wrestling to

  11. I just join Fubo. Tv network work I like it so far the only thing mad about don’t have the NBA channel on TNT what kind Bs is this I sound have it it’s a a base package and you tell me I’m going miss college basketball march madness be on TBS and TNT and the Nba playoffs put it back on for world

  12. definitely needs to add TNT for NBA

  13. No TNT on FUBO – looks like I will be cancelling and moving back to Xfinity. No hockey playoffs = NO FUBO!!!!

  14. Lets see. losing TNT and TBS means (this year), I miss parts of NBA playoffs, MLB playoffs, part of NHL, March Madness, college hockey etc. How can they charge the same amount after losing these channels and pitch themselves as a live sports destination? Note: I don’t watch soccer at all and don’t need channels which are listed but dont seem to have any content! Fubo is adding ad supported channels and other fluff, but nothing sportswise. Looking at alternatives.

  15. I recently dropped my cable, 30.00 increase without mlb network. so… I switched to Fobo like it so far, but since no Tbs can only watch part of the MLB playoffs. I’m hoping that Fobo does get TBS back.

  16. ridiculous will be missing MLB playoff games. you tube tv here I come.


  18. So no nba on tnt. No national league mlb playoff games either. I’m switching to you tube

  19. come on guys please add tnt and tbs won’t be able to watch nba or aew wrestling

  20.  Avatar

    Please add TNT missing NBA playoff games

  21. Disappointed that Fubotv does not carry
    TNT or TBS the good news is that more streaming options are available now which gives the subscribers more choices God Bless the USA we have choices

  22.  Avatar

    I’m leaving Fubo if they don’t add TNT next season. I can’t stand missing playoff hockey.

  23. For a streaming service that supposedly caters to sports fans, FuboTV apparently didn’t realize that NBA and NHL fans would miss playoff games because TNT/TBS broadcasts them?

    1. Exactly right! I had to get Sling subscription JUST to get TNT. Of course you can’t add JUST TNT as an app like you can with Peacock or CNN or AMC and just pay for THAT app. No, I have to spend another $20 on a subscription to Sling. SMH…

  24. Come on guys. You gotta add them
    I don’t want to leave Fubo

    1. What the hell is wrong with FuboTV? The lack of inability to watch NHL playoffs games is crushing to fans.

  25. Please add TNT to your channel line up!

  26. Lawrence, I feel your pain with half of the NHL playoff games now on TNT. I only get half of the playoff games now with my ESPN+ subscription.

    1. I am in the same boat and can’t stand missing these game! The NHL really did everyone a disservice when they allowed TNT and TBS to carry these games as their streaming services are terrible and don’t have any watch later/DVR type functions.

    2. Same. I only really got Fubo to watch the NHL game’s remotely & no TNT is a major pain.

      1. Totally agree…I got it to add Hockey and now can’t watch the Avalanche and Oilers! It’s crazy with all these stations. Let’s go back to rabbit ears when everything was free!

  27. Lawrence Avatar

    Please add TNT to your Channel lineup. Most cable networks carry it

    1. I just got Fubo tv like it so far now I see don’t have TNT what kind bs is this not on the sports package that’s a basic channel you tell me all there’s nba games with college basketball coming I’m not be able watch the the March madness tournament 😳

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