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fuboTV Subscribers Can Access These Network Apps & Sites


FuboTV networks apps

fuboTV subscribers can use their account login details to access a number of network apps and websites. Thanks to TV Everywhere support, this can be a good way to boost the amount of live TV and on-demand content that’s available with a subscription. However, not all channels included with a fuboTV subscription can be accessed in this way, making knowing which ones are currently supported all the more important for new and existing subscribers.

TV Everywhere support is not a feature that’s exclusive to fuboTV. In fact, all of the main TV services offer support for the feature. However, and similar to how the channel lineups differ between these live TV streaming services, the degree of TV Everywhere support also tends to vary. For example, YouTube TV also offers TV Everywhere support and although it might include many of the same channels in its lineup as fuboTV, that doesn’t mean that both services provide TV Everywhere support for the same channels.

Regardless of which channels are supported, TV Everywhere can be a highly useful feature for consumers. Not only can it increase the amount of content that’s available to stream, but it can also help with some of the limitations of a service like fuboTV.

fuboTV network apps and sites

A fuboTV subscription includes more than 100 channels. The exact number a subscriber will have access to depends on whether they are signed up to the Starter or Elite plan. This also means the exact number and selection of network apps and websites that can be accessed will also depend on the fuboTV subscription.

The list below includes all of the apps and websites that fuboTV’s TV Everywhere support currently covers. If a subscriber’s plan includes any of the channels below, then they will likely be able to take advantage of TV Everywhere support for those channels.

fuboTV TV Everywhere list:

ABCFoxNFL Redzone
American Heroes ChannelFOX NewsOxygen
Animal PlanetFX NOWParamount Network
BBC AmericaHallmark ChannelPopTV
BETHallmark DramaScience Channel
beINHallmark Movies & MysteriesSECN
CBSInvestigation DiscoverySNY
CBS SportsLogoStarz
CMTMotor TrendSundance
Comedy CentralMSGTelemundo
Destination AmericaMSNBCTLC
Discovery ChannelNat GeoTUDN
Discovery FamilyNat Geo WildTV Land
Discovery LifeNick Jr.Universal Kids
E!Golf ChannelUnivision

Channels included with a fuboTV subscription and not listed above are unlikely to come with TV Everywhere support. However, these network app and website lists are never final, so it is possible that other channels will be added in the future.

How to access network app and sites with fuboTV

Using TV Everywhere support is fairly simple and not any different to how login information is used with traditional cable and satellite services to access network apps and websites. Due to the nature of apps and websites being slightly different to each other, the exact instructions can vary. However, ABC is used as a general example of how the TV Everywhere process works.

Log in to ABC website with fuboTV:

  1. Visit the ABC website
  2. Click on “Account”
  3. Click on “Sign In” under “TV Provider”
  4. Click on “More Providers”
  5. Search for and select “fuboTV”

The user will then be redirected to the fuboTV website where they will be required to sign in with their usual fuboTV account details. Once done, the user will be redirected back to the network app or site and can then access all of the previously locked content, including live TV.

Log in to ABC app with fuboTV:

  1. Download and open the ABC app
  2. Tap on the Settings/Profile icon
  3. Tap on “Sign In To TV Provider”
  4. Tap on “More providers”
  5. Scroll down or search for “fuboTV”
  6. Tap on fuboTV

Similar to the website route, the user will be redirected to the fuboTV website and will need to log in with their existing subscription details. Once done, all of the previously locked content in the app will be unlocked and available to watch.

Benefits and limitations of TV Everywhere

One of the main benefits of using TV Everywhere support is the direct access to network apps. This can be a great way to increase the amount of content that’s available on-demand with a fuboTV subscription as well as any exclusive content that’s only available through the network’s own app and site. However, that’s only one of the reasons why it is worth using TV Everywhere.

In instances where fuboTV is having issues, TV Everywhere can provide subscribers with another way to access the same live TV channel or on-demand content. Likewise, while fuboTV does allow subscribers to watch on multiple devices at the same time, TV Everywhere can be a way to save on those limited number of streams. Any user accessing a channel or on-demand video via a network app or site won’t be using a fuboTV stream.

Of course, there are downsides as well and simultaneous streams is one of them. Although fuboTV subscribers can stream on additional devices at the same time, network apps and websites will employ their own simultaneous streams limits. Not to mention, users will need to navigate a different website or download an additional app on their device and switch back and forth when needed. This can become even more of a chore when opting to take advantage of fuboTV’s TV Everywhere support by downloading multiple apps.

Another point that’s both a benefit and a possible limitation is device support. fuboTV can be accessed on a variety of devices, but the device support list is still limited. TV Everywhere can help in this respect by offering the subscriber a way to access their favorite channels on devices that are currently unsupported by fuboTV. Of course, this also means that the network apps will need to support those same devices, which is where some subscribers may run into an additional limitation.

fuboTV TV Everywhere summary

TV Everywhere support provides fuboTV subscribers with the option to access and watch directly through network apps and websites. This can be beneficial in a number of ways, including opening up access to more videos, watching live TV without affecting a simultaneous streams limitation, and even watching on devices that are currently not supported by fuboTV. All of which makes TV Everywhere support a useful feature to be aware of and use when needed.

However, there are limitations as well. Each network will employ their own simultaneous streams limits and apps might still be subject to device limitations, ruling out their use for some subscribers. Not to mention, TV Everywhere support does require the user to bounce between different services to watch live TV and on-demand content. Due to this, the number of additional apps an individual or household plans to use might determine how useful or complicated fuboTV’s TV Everywhere support becomes.

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