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fuboTV Ended Q2 2021 With 681,721 Live TV Subscribers


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fuboTV closed the second quarter of 2021 with 681,721 live TV subscribers, according to the company’s Q2 results. The latest quarterly subscriber number suggests fuboTV is continuing to increase its customer base, although the service remains some distance behind Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV and Sling TV.

fuboTV is only one of many live TV streaming service now operating in the US, although it does come with more of a focus on live sports than some of the others. At a time when access to live sports over the internet is becoming both more difficult and expensive, this increased emphasis is likely to make fuboTV an option more consumers consider. More importantly, the last few quarters indicate that consumers are not only considering fuboTV more often, but actually signing up as well.

fuboTV confirmed in its recent Q2 2021 earnings report that it had 681,721 subscribers as of June 30, 2021. Back in May, the company had attracted 590,430 subscribers by the end of the first quarter. Overall, this points to an increase of around 90,000 subscribers during the three-month period.

The latter point is one to note as fuboTV only saw an increase of around 43,000 between the close of the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of this year. Essentially, the live TV service appears to have doubled the number of new subscribers it received in the second quarter compared to the first.

However, fuboTV still has some distance to go before it is playing in the same ballpark as the other main live TV streaming services. For example, Sling TV recently announced its latest quarter results, confirming 2.4 million subscribers. At last count, YouTube TV had passed the three million marker while Hulu was delivering live TV to more than four million subscribers.

That said, the rate at which fuboTV is growing is impressive. During the earnings announcement, fuboTV explained the year-over-year growth stood at 138-percent and the company does not expect the rate of new subscribers to slow down soon. fuboTV now anticipates closing out the third quarter with over 800,000 subscribers, and 2021 overall with more than 900,000 live TV subscribers.

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