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fuboTV Subscribers Are The Most Satisfied, According To J.D. Power Study


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fuboTV ranked the highest in live TV streaming customer satisfaction, according to J.D. Power’s 2022 annual national TV consumer survey. While fuboTV is only one of many live TV streaming services that consumers can sign up to in the US, there are some fundamental differences between them all, including customer satisfaction.

No matter which of the main live TV streaming services a household signs up to, it is possible that they will encounter some issues with the service they receive. If it is not the channel selection, then it could be the device support, the general app experience, or the difficulty in watching TV in more than one home. With so many potential factors in play, deciding on which is the right live TV service is typically more of an individual decision.

That said, some services are better than others, and it would seem that fuboTV subscribers are the most happy with the service they receive. According to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study, fuboTV ranked the highest in the live TV streaming segment with a score of 789. Sling TV was second with 786, and YouTube TV ranked third with 779. The rest of the top five consisted of Hulu Live TV with 775 and DirecTV Stream with 751. It is worth pointing out that the streaming average was calculated as 774, indicating DirecTV Stream was the only one of the top 5 live TV services to score below the average.

In terms of the methodology, J.D. Power explains that the scores are based on 23,387 customer responses received between November 2021 and August 2022. The score itself is based on seven specific factors. These are performance and reliability, cost of service, programming, communications and promotions, billing and payment, features and functionality, and customer care. For reference, the scores are in relation to a 1000-point scale, which suggests that all of the live TV services scored reasonably similar in reality.

Looking at the wider TV market, it would seem that all of the streaming services performed better than their cable and satellite TV counterparts. For example, while Dish scored the highest in the cable/satellite TV national segment, first place only managed a score of 720. This was followed by Xfinity with 706 and DirecTV with 699. In addition, while the average satisfaction for streaming as a whole was 774, J.D. Power calculated the overall average satisfaction for cable and satellite to be 699.

One of the reasons why streaming seemed to perform better overall is the price. Even though the cost of live TV streaming has continually been increasing over the last few years, the study found that the self-reported average cost of streaming live TV to be $68 per month. In comparison, the self-reported average cost of cable and satellite television was calculated as $110 per month.

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