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fuboTV Now Offers a $19.99 Showtime, Starz & Epix Bundle


fuboTV premium bundle

fuboTV is now offering a $19.99 entertainment bundle that includes Showtime, Starz and Epix. This can be a good way for existing subscribers to combine all three subscriptions together under one plan and save in the process. It also arrives shortly after YouTube TV launched a similar bundle.

While fuboTV comes with an emphasis on live sports, that has been lessening over time. The services lineup has gradually expanded its channel lineup through the addition of more entertainment channels. The same is true when it comes to the selection of premium subscriptions available though fuboTV. One of the most recent examples of this was in December of last year when subscribers gained the option to add Epix.

Now, fuboTV is letting subscribers combine a subscription to Epix with subscriptions to Showtime and Starz for an additional $19.99 per month. Providing a subscriber is interested in streaming shows and movies from all three of these services, then combining the subscriptions can be an easier option than subscribing to them separately, due to all three available through the same interface and billed together each month.

Speaking of which, the combined subscription package is also cheaper in general. For example, a Showtime subscription through fuboTV costs $10.99 per month while Starz costs $8.99 and Epix $5.99. As a result, if subscribing to all three separately, the toal would be $25.97, almost $6 more than what fuboTV is now charging.

fuboTV’s bundle follows YouTube TV’s

Just yesterday, YouTube TV announced the launch of its own premium subscription bundle. Similar to the one now offered by fuboTV, YouTube TV’s ‘Entertainment Plus’ bundle includes both Showtime and Starz. However, instead of Epix it includes access to HBO Max for $29.99 per month. Also similar to fuboTV’s new offering, the Entertainment Plus bundle results in a $5 savings, compared to subscribing to all three services separately.

At present, fuboTV does not offer HBO Max as a standalone subscription and that’s probably why its bundle includes Epix instead. Of course, the quality of bundles like this is subjective and will come down to which of the premium services an individual subscriber is most interested in. Regardless of which bundle is ultimately better, both fuboTV and YouTube TV subscribers now have an additional option to bundle a number of premium subscriptions together and save while doing so.

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