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fuboTV Test Prioritizes Quarterly Subscriptions Over Monthly Plans


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fuboTV has made a change recently that’s unlikely to prove popular with new customers. Specifically, fuboTV is now pushing new users to sign up and pay for three months in advance by removing the option to subscribe to a live TV plans on a monthly basis. This is not the first time fuboTV has toyed with changes to its subscriptions, and it is unlikely to be the last.

fuboTV’s plan lineup has gone through a few revisions over the years. Today, anyone looking to sign up to the live TV streaming service will mainly have the choice of either the Starter, Pro or Elite plans. There is also a Latino Quarterly plan available as well. Other than the Latino Quarterly subscription, all of the other fuboTV plans require a month-to-month commitment.

Well, that’s usually how it works, as the option to sign up for just one month appears to have now been removed. Instead, and first spotted by The TV Answer Man, the fuboTV website now only offers the option to sign up on a quarterly basis. The plans themselves haven’t changed, and depending on the platform, the plans might still list the usual monthly price, but come with a small notation that the subscription requires the first three months to be paid in advance.

For reference, this is only a test. It currently remains unclear how long the test will run for or whether it will eventually translate into a full change in the way fuboTV approaches its plans. In addition, the test does not appear to be running on all platforms or even consistently at the user level. For example, while a new customer might see the quarterly plans shown when visiting the website on one device, they may still be presented with the traditional monthly subscription options on other devices. The same user may even be presented with the monthly subscriptions when visiting the website at another time on the same device they were previously presented with quarterly plans on.

What is clear is that the getting started cost dramatically increases for those that end up signing up to a three-month subscription. With plans starting at $64.99 per month, fuboTV is not exactly a cheap live TV service to begin with. However, with that figure increasing to a minimum of $194.96 via the quarterly plan, new customers are making quite the investment. Considering one of the benefits of streaming is the ability to sign up and cancel as and when needed, a three-month commitment at this price is unlikely to suit many individuals and households looking for a new live TV service. Thankfully, they can probably just revisit the website on another device, or at a later time, to sign up for a monthly plan.

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