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fuboTV’s News Plus Adds More News To Your Live TV Plan


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fuboTV has recently added a ‘News Plus’ add-on which makes it possible for subscribers to add even more news content to their package, albeit at an additional cost each month. fuboTV did already offer a number of add-ons and ways to further tweak the live TV streaming experience, with the new News Plus addition unlikely to be the last.

In general, fuboTV places a great deal of focus on sports, making it a good option for those primarily interested in watching live sports. However, fuboTV has also been expanding the channel selection in other areas in a bid to appeal to even more consumers. An approach that appears to be working considering the service’s subscriber base keeps growing, and at an impressive rate.

The use of add-ons is common among live TV services and can be a good way to make minor tweaks to a plan without having to majorly upgrade to a much more expensive tier. fuboTV’s News Plus add-on is a prime example of this. Once added through the fuboTV website, the add-on immediately increases the number of news-related channels and content a subscriber has access to.

In total, the fuboTV News Plus add-on costs an additional $2.99 per month on top of the current cost of an existing subscription. In return, the add-on adds the following seven news-related channels:

  • africanews
  • BBC World News
  • Cheddar News
  • CNBC World
  • euronews
  • Law & Crime
  • NewsNet

The News Plus add-on can be added to any of the fuboTV plans, although some subscribers may find less of a need for it than others. For example, BBC World News, CNBC World, and Law & Crime are all included with the fubo Extra add-on. Therefore, those already subscribed to fubo Extra, or the Elite package in general, already receive some of the same channels included with News Plus.

As mentioned, News Plus is only one of the add-ons available to fuboTV subscribers. As an example, those interested in more outdoor content can opt for the $4.99 Adventure Plus add-on, while those interested in expanding their sports channels even further can add International Sports Plus to their live TV package for $6.99 per month.

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