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fuboTV Focuses on Features with Elite Plan, 5 Streams & 1000-Hour DVR


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fuboTV has changed its plans by making adjustments to the cloud DVR and simultaneous streams limits. This marks a fairly significant change, considering the service did not previously discriminate between the Family and Ultra plan in terms of features. Instead, both offered the exact same number of streams and recording hours. Now, those who want the best features and experience are being guided towards fuboTV’s premium plan.

Previously, fuboTV offered Family plan subscribers 500 hours of cloud DVR, but the latest change see that limit decrease to 250 hours for new subscribers. At the same time, fuboTV has rebranded the Ultra plan as Elite and upped the cloud DVR limit to 1,000 hours. While no changes have been made to the Family plan’s simultaneous streams, the Elite plan also now offers up to five streams, compared to the three that were on offer before.

At the same time as changing the cloud DVR limit for the two plans, the service is now offering new add-on options for Family subscribers who need more. The new ‘Cloud DVR 1000’ add-on provides subscribers with up to 1000 hours and costs $16.99 per month.

The other new add-on is ‘Family Share Max’ and this one provides subscribers with up to five same-time streams and is priced at $9.99 per month. For reference, the previous ‘Family Share’ add-on that offers one additional stream (taking the total to three streams) is still available, priced at $5.99 per month.

fuboTV’s premium plan is all about the features

The rebranding of the “Ultra” plan as “Elite” is not a coincidence, but actually designed to coincide with the cloud DVR and simultaneous streams changes. Especially, considering both the Cloud DVR 1000 and Family Share Max add-ons are included with the Elite plan at no additional cost.

fuboTV appears to be now positioning the Elite plan as a feature-first package. The service even uses features as a way to purposely distinguish between the two plans by explaining Elite offers “premium features plus more channels.”

Essentially, fuboTV is now guiding those who want the best live TV streaming experience possible to the Elite plan. While the Family plan is still available, and can be padded out with the two new add-ons to offer the same experience as Elite, Family subscribers who add Cloud DVR 1000 and Family Share Max will end up paying more each month.

For example, the current cost of a new Family plan subscription along with the two new add-ons is $91.97 per month. This compares to the $79.99 per month fuboTV is currently charging Elite subscribers.

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