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fuboTV Multiview Is A Game-Changer For Sports: Here’s How It Works


fuboTV Multiview 4-way

Multiview allows fuboTV subscribers to watch multiple channels at the same time on the same device, and it works extremely well. For those looking to watch multiple sports events at the same time, Multiview is the solution. Here’s a closer look at how the feature works and what those new to fuboTV can expect.

fuboTV has always been a live TV service that emphasizes sports. In recent times, however, it has also been looking to expand its channel lineup, with the current version of fuboTV now likely to appeal to non-sports fans as much as sports fans. Still, for those specifically interested in a live TV service for access to sports, fuboTV offers additional features that greatly add to the experience. Multiview is probably the best example of this.

Before getting into the experience, it is important to note that fuboTV’s Multiview is currently only available on Apple TV players. On other supported devices, there is a FanView mode, but this is not anywhere near as flexible as Multiview. Instead of providing a way to watch mutliple feeds at once, FanView shows the latest scores and stats alongside one live channel feed.

fuboTV is “currently looking into” bringing Multiview to other supported devices in the future, according to a help post. However, it does remain to be seen when that will happen, if it happens at all. In the meantime, anyone looking to take advantage of Multiview will need access to a newer Apple TV player.

fuboTV Multiview in action

The big selling point with Multiview is that a fuboTV subscriber can watch up to four channels at the same time. This makes it possible to watch multiple games from the same league or even different sports simultaneously on the one screen.

Activating Multiview is extremely simple. The Apple TV user just needs to head to a program that’s currently playing live, click on the program, and then on Watch in Multiview.

fuboTV Multiview settings
Source: Streaming Better

It is also possible to activate Multiview while already watching a live TV channel. Here are the instructions:

  1. Swipe up (to access More Channels)
  2. Choose a second channel (swipe left or right)
  3. Press and hold the touchpad

fuboTV will then automatically add the second channel. At which point, subscribers can add more channels if they want to watch more than two at the same time.

If using the first (live TV guide) method, the channel will open in a smaller window. The viewer can then add widgets for more of a FanView experience that includes stats and scores on the current game and other live games.

fuboTV Multiview stats
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Instead of the stats and scores, the viewer can add additional channels for a true multiview experience.

fuboTV Multiview 4-way sports SB
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Once in four-way mode, the user can move from box to box to change the audio. At any time, they can also click on any of the boxes to enter full screen mode for that channel. Enabling full screen mode only temporarily disables Multiview, as the user can simple press back on the remote to revert back to Multiview mode again.

When using Multiview, the exact layout depends on how many channels are added. For example, if watching three channels then users will see a priority channel accompanied by two smaller channels. Again, the main channel can be changed at any time to focus on a specific game.

fuboTV Multiview 3-way
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If only watching two channels at the same time, the user can watch in a side-by-side mode, or change the two-way view to prioritize one channel over the over.

fuboTV Multiview summary

fuboTV Multiview is a great way to watch more than one channel at the same time, without having to watch on two different devices. Multiview is fully customizable allowing fuboTV users to choose between a two, three or four-way setup. Once the layout has been selected, the user can easily movie channels around, prioritize one over the others, replace them with other channels, or remove them altogether.

For reference, Multiview isn’t only for live sports. Although the feature does require live sports to be enabled, once in Multiview, users can select any channels to be displayed as additional feeds. For example, watching a movie or a kids program while a game is shown in a smaller window on the same screen.

In spite of its flexibility, fuboTV Multiview is currently only available on Apple TV, and that’s the main issue right now. For owners of a compatible Apple TV player, Multiview is definitely a feature worth checking out, and a real game-changer for sports fans. For those with other streaming players and devices, it is a matter of waiting to see if fuboTV manages to expand its Multiview device support in the future.

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