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fuboTV Local Channels: What’s Available & How To Check


fuboTV local channels

fuboTV provides access to local channels including ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. However, not all subscribers in all areas will be able to get their local channels through fuboTV. The reason for this is the live TV service’s local channel support depends highly on the user’s location. Therefore, it is important to understand which local channels are available, and how to check, before signing up.

fuboTV is only one of a number of live TV streaming services now operating in the US. Priced similar to Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV, fuboTV does come with an emphasis on live sports. In spite of this focus, fuboTV may not be a good option for users in select areas if access to local channels and regional sports networks are not available.

Understanding what local channels and affiliates are on offer with fuboTV is not so straightforward. In general, the service does offer access to ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, Telemundo, and Univision channels. However, and unlike other services including YouTube TV, fuboTV does not necessarily offer any of these major local channels nationwide. Instead, consumers will need to verify that locals and RSNs are available in their specific location.

The easiest way to do this is before signing up. Consumers can simply check which channels are available in their area by heading over to the fuboTV website. When visiting the website, the main fuboTV channel lineup will be visible and, depending on the user’s browser settings, the same list should also show which local channels are available in the area the browser is accessing the website from. Of course, if accessing the website from a different location then the channel list shown is likely to be different to what the consumer will actually receive when at home and using the service.

Checking for specific locals

In addition to the main website, fuboTV also offers an in-depth help page which makes clear exactly which local channels are available. When using the support page, consumers can press “Control” and “F” together on a PC or “Command” and “F” when using a Mac to search for their specific location by name. For example, searching for “Los Angeles” to see which locals are available in LA.

The user will then be able to see whether ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW, Telemundo, Univision or UniMas is available in their location. If any of these channels are available, the name of the local affiliate will be displayed in the corresponding box next to the area. The main local channels, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC appear to be fairly commonly available in most areas listed, although some may find as few as one local channel is available in their individual area.

If the user finds their location is not listed on the page, then it likely means that local channels and affiliates are currently not available in their location though fuboTV. Of course, this list on not a final list, so it is possible that additional areas will be added as and when support becomes available.

Regardless of how supported an individual area is, fuboTV subscribers can always check to see if their local channel is available to stream through the network’s own app. fuboTV offers TV Everywhere support for many of the channels in its lineup, and this allows subscribers to log in to a network app using their fuboTV account details. Once the subscription has been authenticated, the subscriber will be able to stream content through the network app, including live TV.

fuboTV local channels summary

fuboTV does provide access to a number of local channels including ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, but exactly which channels are available to a subscriber will depend on the user’s location. Due to this, subscribers will need to check if their area is currently supported and which local affiliates can be accessed.

This can be done by checking the channel lineup when visiting the main fuboTV website. In addition, there is also the option for a more granular look at exactly which affiliates are available in a given area through the company’s support website. In situations where a local channel is supported by fuboTV but is unavailable in a specific area, it may be worth checking if TV Everywhere support provides access to the missing local channel.

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