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fuboTV: How to Find the Hidden $60 fubo Standard Plan [Updated]


Hidden fubo Standard plan

Update Jan 2021: At the end of December 2020, fuboTV completely removed the standard plan. As a result, the instructions below no longer work with the cheapest fuboTV plan now costing $64.99 per month.

Original article: fuboTV still offers the $59.99 Standard plan, but it’s hidden from view. Hidden is not the same as not there and once you know how to find the plan, it’s easy to still subscribe to fuboTV’s cheapest (excluding fubo Latino) main package and save.

With the cost of live TV streaming continually increasing each year, having access to the cheapest packages possible is more important than ever. The fubo Standard plan has been around since early 2019, but more recently the company has started pushing new customers towards its Family plan. Or, for those in need of the best fuboTV package possible, the Elite plan.

In placing an emphasis on the Family and Elite packages, fuboTV has actually removed the Standard plan from its plans page. Technically, fuboTV hasn’t removed it completely, just from immediate view. With the plan still there, accessing fubo Standard requires a few additional clicks compared to the other plans, but it will save the consumer a minimum of $5 per month. What’s more, the hidden plan can be found on both the desktop and mobile versions of the fuboTV website.

How to find fubo Standard plan:

  1. Head to the fuboTV website
  2. Scroll down to the main plans section
  3. Click or tap on “Browse all available plans”
  4. Click or tap on “Add-ons and More” (on mobile use the drop-down menu)
  5. Scroll to the very bottom of the page
  6. Click or tap on “fubo Standard” under “Other Plans”

Once the fubo Standard plan is selected, the user will be able to sign up for the $59.99 per month plan, saving $5 compared to the Family plan. In addition, the fubo Standard plan is also eligible for the same free trial as the other main fuboTV plans.

How to find fubo Standard plan in images:

Alternatively, consumers already decided on signing up to the fubo Standard plan can simply use this direct link.

How the fubo Standard plan differs

The obvious difference with the fubo Standard plan is that it’s cheaper than the other main fuboTV plans. However, the price is not the only difference, and while the price will likely suit consumers better than the Family or Elite plans, that’s not to say the Standard plan will be the best choice overall.

While fuboTV has hidden the Standard plan from view, the additional $5 that the Family plan costs represents more than just a higher price. The Family plan is actually better and for many subscribers, the differences will likely counter the cost of the extra $5.

If Cloud DVR matters

The Standard plan comes loaded with 30 hours of cloud DVR. In comparison, the additional $5 for the Family plan increases that recording limit to 250 hours. That alone is a significant difference and one which should make the additional $5 less of a problem. Having access to as much recording space as possible ensures everyone sharing a subscription can record all the movies and show episodes they want.

To put the difference into perspective, if a fubo Standard subscriber wanted to upgrade their account to the same 250 hours as the Family plan, they would need to add the Cloud DVR 250 add-on to their live TV package. This standalone add-on costs an additional $9.99 per month. As a result, the Standard plan and Cloud DVR 250 bundle works out to be $5 more expensive than the Family plan.

If simultaneous streams matter

Another difference to take into consideration is simultaneous streams. Again, the more streams included with a plan, the more friends or family members can use the service at the same time. Simultaneous stream limits not only typically apply to live TV, but also on demand content, and usually cloud DVR recordings as well. Therefore, the number of devices you can stream fuboTV on at the same time matters.

The fubo Standard plan’s simultaneous streams limit is two devices at the same time. In comparison, the fubo Family plan comes loaded with the option to stream on three different devices at the same time. While one additional stream might not sound like a lot, it can be the difference when multiple people are trying to watch live TV, on demand, or recorded videos at the same time.

Again, if a fubo Standard subscriber wanted to keep their plan but upgrade the number of available streams, they would need to bundle their live TV streaming plan with fuboTV’s Family Share add-on. Priced at an additional $5.99 per month, adding the additional stream results in the Standard plan costing $1 more than the Family plan.

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Furthermore, if a fubo Standard subscriber wanted to increase both cloud DVR and simultaneous streams limits to what’s included with the Family plan, they’ll be looking at an additional $15.98 per month. At the combined fubo Standard, Cloud DVR 250, and Family Share bundle price, subscribers will be paying just $4 less than fuboTV’s Elite plan. Even though the Elite plan comes with 1,000 hours of recording space and the option to stream on up to five devices at the same time.

fuboTV’s hidden Standard plan summary

fuboTV still offers the fubo Standard plan, but it is hidden away on the website. However, consumers can access it and sign up with a few additional steps. At $59.99 per month, the fubo Standard plan is $5 cheaper than the Family plan and $20 cheaper than the Elite plan.

While cheaper, there are some fundamental differences between the fubo Standard plan and the others, with the most important being the number of devices that can stream at the same time and the number of available recording hours. Both of which make the Family plan better value overall.

That said, if 30 hours of cloud DVR and two simultaneous streams are enough, then there’s no reason to not sign up for fuboTV’s hidden Standard plan. After all, there’s nothing stopping a Standard subscriber from upgrading at a later time if they feel they need the extra space and streams.

Although they will want to make sure they are upgrading the package overall and not the add-ons, to avoid paying more each month for the fubo Standard plan than the Family or Elite plans.

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  1. I scrolled all the way to the end of ‘add ons’ and there was no “std plan” listed. I looked on TV, laptop there was nothing listed, however it did show up on my phone.

    1. I couldn’t find it on either my phone or desktop. Can you help?

  2. I still can’t find Fubo standard plan..

    1. Are you trying to find on mobile or desktop?

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