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Existing fuboTV Starter Subscribers Will See Price Increase Next Month


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fuboTV recently removed the Starter plan resulting in a price increase for anyone signing up to the service for the first time. Now the company has clarified the situation for existing subscribers, confirming they will also encounter the same higher monthly cost starting next month. Unlike other price increases, however, the change does also improve the features as well.

The fuboTV Starter plan was priced at $64.99 per month putting it on equal cost footing as Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV. However, Hulu Live TV increased the price to $69.99 per month in December. In March of this year, fuboTV made a similar price change by removing the Starter plan and only allowing new customers to sign up to the more expensive Pro or Elite live TV subscriptions.

The removal of the Starter plan simply meant anyone signing up to the service would end up paying $5 more each month compared to if they had signed up while the Starter plan was still available. Now fuboTV has confirmed that existing subscribers to the Standard plan will also see their price increase by $5 as well, with the change due to take effect starting May 1, 2022. The change is based on the user’s individual billing cycle so exactly when an individual’s price changes will vary, but will be in May. Affected subscribers should have already received an email about the upcoming changes to their subscription.

Similar to the situation for new customers, existing subscribers to the Starter plan are basically being upgraded to the Pro plan. Along with the price increase, this also means that they will gain a greater number of streams at the same time (when at home) and more cloud DVR hours for recordings. For reference, this is not an optional change, fuboTV has explained that all legacy Starter plan subscribers will automatically be switched over to the Pro plan at the new price. The only exception are any fuboTV Starter subscriptions that are currently billed by Roku.

While the fuboTV base plan now offers improved features, it is still a higher price than what subscribers to the Starter plan signed up for. Of course, with Hulu Live TV also having raised its price recently, the options for switching to another live TV service to save money remain limited. YouTube TV is still priced at $64.99 per month, so that may be an option for any existing fuboTV customers that don’t want to pay a minimum of $69.99 each month.

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